Dream Along with Mickey at Disneyland Paris!

Started by 15MagicalYears, March 31, 2010, 10:37:37 PM

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Today I was thinking about ways of making "Disney's Showtime Spectacular" better. When I started to think about not having a show in Central Plaza atall. Which I'm sure most of us would all love!

So I have came up with the thought of bringing "Dream Along with Mickey" from WDW here to Dlp. Specificly to the Fantasyland stage. This is a great location which isn't used to it's full advantage!

Dream Along with Mickey is a great show and personally I think it would be a great addition to Paris. Plus, with the show already semi recorded (we'd probably need a few French speaking characters in the show) and the script written it wouldn't be difficult for Dlp to pull this together.

If your not familiar with "Dream Along with Mickey" I have included a video of the opening below. It's a great show, with a cute storyline. I've saw this show many times and really enjoy it.


What do you guys think?


You wanted to make the new show better, by replacing it with a double clone? Dream Along With Mickey is already very similar to Mickey's Gift of Dreams and One Man's Dream over in Tokyo. To me, the best selling point of DAWM are how 'life-like' the characters are. These would be especially welcome.

I love the mock-up design work you have done however. The set really does fit in there and looks the business! That stage isn't used enough as it is so the extra decoration and events there would be great, but I'm just not sure using an existing show would be what DLP needs. I know the other resort fans hate us borrowing their music :P

I guess we're stuck with Disney's Showtime Spectacular for the year so would you like to see a seasonal show on this other stage instead? Any ideas?
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