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Started by Alpop, October 01, 2008, 08:53:53 PM

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What you have to understand is that its very difficult to tell how old someone is now days, for a bouncer, barperson or anyone else working in a off licence. a slap of make up and that 16 year old spotty kid now looks over 18. If you are caught serving alcohol to anyone under the legal age not only could the person serving be fined, but so could the owner and who ever it is that holds the licence. In worst case situation the venue may even loose its alcohol licence. The person buying it would probarely only get a slap on the wrist. In the case of Hurricane's its the Bouncers job to make sure no one under the age of 18 is allowed inside the venue. That means asking for ID of anyone looking under the age of 21 usually, and I have been to other bars where if you don't have ID your simply not allowed in, be it 18 - 65. The sarcasim  probarely comes from the amount of abuse these people get each night from drunk people.

As for Hurricane's I too have never stepped foot in the place and probarely never will. I think its totally the wrong sort on venue to have inside a Disney Resort, with so many family's around.


Is Hurricanes still open? and is it open off peak seasons? I have a sitter for my child this year so might give it a whizz  :lol:  

I dont think anyone can complain about this nightclub being innapropriately placed without venturing into that Billy Bobs Saloon of an evening were I found myself surounded by families having a good ole time with no knowledge of their rebel teenagers circling the room, like over excited vultures, for full, available and unprotected beer glasses  :shock:  haha


it was open when I was there in October but to be honest didnt go!

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I got told it was cheesy music and full of weird people who dance outragously! looks like I might just enjoy it then hahaha