Pinocchio - Platinum Edition DVD & Blu-Ray

Started by Tubbyherman, October 14, 2008, 10:06:15 AM

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Does anyone know when Pinocchio is due for re-release, I've heard various dates? I know it's coming up for it's 70th anniversary, but heard it was going to be issued March 2009. Thanks.

Pete's Dragon

As far as I know......

Pinocchio is due for a release in March 2009, followed by
Snow White Oct 2009,
Fantasia + Fantasia 2000 in March 2010 and then
Beauty and the Beast Oct 2010


I've got a brochure of the "Walt Disney Platinum Collection", that's how it is called in Germany and Austria, and it says that Pinocchio is released in March 2009 and Snow White in October 2009.


Thanks for that both of you. Would I be pushing my luck to ask if you know the date? Pinocchio is my little boys favourite character and I'd love to be able to give it to him for his birthday on the 28th March.

Captain Pan

Quote from: "Tubbyherman"Thanks for that both of you. Would I be pushing my luck to ask if you know the date? Pinocchio is my little boys favourite character and I'd love to be able to give it to him for his birthday on the 28th March.

That Date is the Last Saturday in March (Also The Day of My Parents Anniversary), So Unless Disney Don't release it until the March 30th in The UK (All DVD/CDs are released on Mondays here) You should and possibly will be fine...


Looks like the Blue Fairy is watching over us... ... 001IDZ5NK/

2nd March 2009, DVD and Blu-Ray. :mrgreen:

DVD Bonus Features
"No Strings Attached: The Making of Pinocchio"
Behind-the-Scenes the creation of this beloved film
Story of the Grandfather Tree
A sequence planned for the film that never materialised
The Sweat Box
Demystifying one of the lesser know animation processes
Geppetto's Then And Now
Live Action Reference Footage
Pinocchio Art & Collectable Galleries
Collection of Theatrical Trailers
Deleted Songs
Pinocchio Puzzles
Blu-ray Exclusive Features:
7.1 Dolby (in select languages)
Disney Vu
Cine-Explore Newsreel
Pinocchio Knows Trivia Challenge
Disney Smarts: Jiminy's Word Builder


Ahh I can't wait for this! I'm loving that all the classics are making a return to DVD!

Does anyone know a date next October for the release of Snow White by any chance?? :D



great news  :D  i also like the cover artwork for the Pinocchio Platinum Edition

Captain Pan

Ant... Do we have any Idea who's doing the Commentary on the Blu Ray...

Lasseter was Simply Awesome on Sleeping Beauty


Here's the US extras:



• Pinocchio's Matter of Facts - - Learn fun facts about Pinocchio and other related subjects as you watch the movie.

• Audio Commentary -- An all-new audio commentary with Leonard Maltin, Eric Goldberg and J. B. Kaufman.

• Disney Song Selection -- Select this option to sing along with favorite songs as the lyrics appear onscreen.


• No Strings Attached: The Making of Pinocchio -- Witness the behind-the scenes magic that transformed Carlo Collodi's popular book into a classic animated film.

• Deleted Scenes --

* The Story of the Grandfather Tree -- Kindly Geppetto tells Pinocchio about the Great Pine Tree from which Pinocchio is descended.

* In The Belly Of The Whale -- The most elaborate of Pinocchio's deleted scenes that remain in the Disney Archives, these recently discovered storyboards reveal a different version of Geppetto inside Monstro.

• Alternate Ending -- A recently uncovered set of small storyboard panels reveal plans for a different version of Pinocchio becoming a real boy.

• The Sweat Box -- The Sweatbox was a small projection room at the Disney studio where Walt critiqued story reels, rough animation, and dailies of films in progress with his anxious artists.
This piece traces the history of the Sweatbox and brings to life this important part of Walt Disney's artistic process.

• Live Action Reference Footage

• Pinocchio Art Galleries

• Deleted Songs -- An audio collection of period "pop" recordings of songs that not used in the final film.

• Pinocchio Puzzles -- Hosted by Jiminy Cricket, Pinocchio's Puzzles is a multi-tiered Puzzle game that contains six unique wooden puzzles for the viewer to assemble. Each puzzle forms an image from the film that comes to life once they are complete.


* Disney BD-Live Network features only available in the U.S.


Includes the movie plus...

• Cine-Explore

• Disney BD-Live Network – The Disney BD-Live Network is just one of the many ways movie lovers, families, and loved ones can continue to stay connected and engage in their favorite movies.

o Movie Chat – Communicate with your remote friends on-screen while in a synchronized viewing party using your remote control or any text enabled device such as a laptop, desk top or any PDA device such as a Blackberry, iPhone or most other regular cell phones. Your chat session will appear over the movie and occur in real-time while watching the movie together.

o Movie Mail – Blu-ray owners will be able to record a personalized video message of themselves, superimpose that capture onto one of many pre-selected clips of the movie, and send it off to a friend, colleague, or relative. This specific feature enables Pinocchio Blu-ray Disc owner to personalize a very special greeting as never before.

o Movie Challenge – Users will be able to test their skills against other players in a synchronized, real-time, online trivia game while watching Pinocchio with anyone online. Movie Challenge is always active no matter what time of the day it is, and there will always be a game in progress.

o Disney Movie Rewards Live – Pinocchio Blu-ray owners will be able to accumulate Disney Movie Reward Points by participating in many Disney BD-Live Network activities. In return, viewers can redeem points for exclusive content such as Avatars, downloadable extras and many more exciting possibilities.


Includes all DVD bonus content plus:

• Pinocchio Knows Trivia Challenge

It seems the UK version won't come with the bonus DVD as originally planned. are actually now listing the Blu-Ray as a single disc, but aren't, so fingers crossed.


i'm really looking forward to the release, i already preordered the Blue Ray edition with the bonus DVD :D


The release date is this Tuesday (3/10) in the USA and Canada.


Received our copy yesterday, I think my little fella has already watched it 3-4 times  :D


have to wait for the release a little longer, here on march 19. But can't wait :D

Captain Pan

When Stores Open this Morning Pinocchio will be joining Oliver and Company and Mary Poppins and HSM3: Senior Year in the DVD Charts....