Meal Plan for day you leave??

Started by KaylaSTARS, August 08, 2012, 09:06:51 PM

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Hi, we are planning a 2 day/1 night visit to Disney next January and will be purchasing a meal plan to make budgeting a little easier.

Is it possible to buy it for the second day we are there?

Also, we will be staying in hotel Santa Fe and as such are eligible for the 2 extra hours on park - does this apply to both days and if so do we collect our tickets from the hotel first thing in the morning to ensure we get our extra 2 hours in the park??


The extra Magic Hours should certainly apply to both days in the park.  You should just get a pass when you book in to your hotel that will allow you access to Extra Magic Hours both mornings.  When approaching Disneyland Park you should see a sign that says 'Disney hotel guests this way' or something similar and they let you in.

As for the half board/full board meal plans you seem to only get them for the nights you are staying rather than the days. Im staying 7 nights/8 days on our next trip and our meal vouchers are only for the 7 nights.  We are not covered for our final day.  I guess its best to ask your travel agent or Disney when booking


the last time i was there (jan 2011) we had 4 vouchers for 4 nights, we ended up having one on our last day though because we went to buffalo bills would west show on one night so didn't use a voucher that day, instead we kept it and used it on the last day to have a lunch meal before leaving =]
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