Imagineer a new Living Character!

Started by Anthony, February 25, 2009, 07:46:08 PM

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Either a roaming character, a special attraction, anything!

Here's my suggestion:

Mrs Potts' Tea Trolley

Since we're never going to get that Beauty and the Beast animatronic show, why not bring it out onto the street? Have a tea trolley with an animatronic Chip and Lumière standing on it, roaming in Fantasyland. Chip could use pre-recorded dialogue whilst Lumière would speak live to guests in a mix of French and English. Maybe Belle herself could push it?

Maybe it'd be a little too similar to Chef Rémy's trolley.

Your turn. :wink: It doesn't have to be for DLRP, any of the resorts is fine...


I think it would be cool to have the three fairies from Sleeping Beauty (the parade / meet and greet characters) lap around fantasy land, recieving followers then finnaly arriving at their location, which could be any where in Fantasy land. (I'm thinking it could be a small cottage like in the movie, obviously a bit smaller and yes I realise this would maybe be a bit of a bother to create but it would be very Disney and magical) So once they're at their cottage they do a quick meet and greet until they enter the cottage, and pink/blue smoke puffs repetedly from the chimneys until the main window opens (by magic) and the viewers can see the three fairies in their true fairy form, small and magicly made. I'm not sure how this could happen, maybe digitly projected? They'd dance and fly around the cottage until they disspear and the windows close. This could happen many times throughout the day.