High School Musical 3: Senior Year (2008)

Started by The Butlin Boy, January 15, 2008, 09:46:24 PM

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I'm really quite dumb as I've just realised they've opened it just in time for most peoples Half Terms lol
I'm guessing they'll be getting a whole heap of money from HSM3 anyways but the fact that its half term means they could possibly get a bit more.
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I heard the 2 cinemas (Vue and Cineworld) in cardiff city centre have been pre booked for 1 or 2 weeks !  :shock:

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Quote from: "Anthony"the moment where time seems to stop and Troy and Gabriella sing to each other is a bit cringeworthy. .

Oh yes it is. And it happens 10mins into the film. But having said that, it's the best song during the entire film


Quote from: "Pete's Dragon"Oh yes it is. And it happens 10mins into the film. But having said that, it's the best song during the entire film
I was going to say.... listening to the previews on iTunes, it's the only one that actually stands out.

I can imagine the park show producers are very thankful for that generic "High School Musical" song though. We'll probably be hearing that 5 times a day next Summer... :?


I saw it today with Patrick. It was a great film, so much better than the first two. Its a shame the songs don't stand out as much but the storyline etc are so much better. Really enjoyed it.
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After HATING the first two HSMs with a passion, I was dragged by my best friend to see the third one this afternoon, expecting to despise it.... And I was pleasantly surprised to find I loved it! I love "Can I Have This Dance" - my favourite song in the whole film, despite it being a bit cliched and cringeworthy - I wanna dance with Zac Efron on a roof covered in flowers *sighs*... And Sharpay is the spitting image of someone I went to school with, it terrified me when I realised lol! :lol:


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Well my mum and two sisters went to see it on Saturday (Sorry Disney fans, me and dad went to see Bond :wink: ), but they said they enjoyed it. My sisters (9 and 11) loved it, and my mum thought it was good, but said she wouldn't rush back to see it again :roll:


We went to see it last night.
I felt it was cringe worthy to the extreme, but visually looked impressive. If you think that Justin Timberlake music videos are good.
My favourite song was when sharpey and Ryan sung a song about "I want it all". The second best song I realised was from the original HSM "All in this together".
I did enjoy it, but we were one of about 20 in the screening. It was very empty.


I went to see it on opening nite and it was packed .
I thought it was good- maybe even better than the first two.
My sister thought it was excellent and has been again

I have to agree that some of the scenes wif Troy and Gabriella were very cringy

Favourite song its a toss up between " I want it all" and "can i have this dance"

dont think HSM 4 will be great though...........


And it came out today on DVD and Bluray !

Anyone else get it bar me ?  :lol: