A T-Rex Café in Disney Village?

Started by Kristof, March 01, 2006, 03:04:57 PM

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Downtown Disney is getting the brand new T-Rex Café (from the same creators as Rainforest Café).  Wouldn't it be cool to add it to Disney Village too?

It would probably appeal more to children than the Rainforest Café now does, it would bring more theming at Disney Village and it wouldn't cost that much for Eurodisney SCA since it's outsourced.

What do you think?



As soon as I heard about the Downtown Disney one, I thought - "DISNEY VILLAGE!!!"

Would it fit in, though?  I quite liked the idea they were trying to develop with Disney Village that it was a sorta World Showcase area, with restaurants, boutiques, etc. based on different countries and places.  I can't see where a T-Rex Café would fit in.

I can understand that you'd love it though, raptor, and it probably would be very popular, so ehh.. why not?  :D

Where could it go?  On the new street?  And how would the exterior look?

There's some concept art here: http://www.dlrp.fr/actulargeus.php?id=69