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Started by Truelove, January 04, 2009, 10:36:12 PM

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I've started this thread as there are a good few films that seem to have vanished since my childhood. I thought it may be fun and  even usefull to start a thread about those hard to find, mainly forgotten treasures for example....

My favorite Disney musical is The Happiest Millionaire. Tommy Steele, and Fred Mcmuarray were in it. Its about an eccentric millionaire who finds it hard to accept that his daughter is growing up and no longer hangs on his every word. He keeps alligators in his conservatory for pets and runs the Biddle Bible class from his gym in the back yard.

This film has a wonderfull musical score by the Sherman Brothers and includes songs such as Fortuosity ( which you can hear on Main Street USA in DLRP) and There are Those.

I have 1 copy on VHS (I no longer have a Video Player) and 1 copy on region 1 DVD which has a different ending with an extra song. My multi region DVD player is on its last legs I would love to find this on region 2 dvd. If anyone knows where to start looking I would be most gratefull I'be trawled the usual internet shops to no avail.

Thanks for any help. Does anyone else love this film?


ford prefect

I love Happiest Millionaire!  What is the alternate ending and song?
enjoy yourself, it\'s later than you think!


I can only suggest looking on ebay, Play.com, Amazon, Google Shopping etc. for second hand versions. There are some people out there that collect DVDs that are going to stop being produced to sell on afterwards.

However, I have just done a quick search and I can't find the DVD you are looking for on Region 2. However, you might want to keep having a look and maybe set up email updates from potential websites. Good luck!


Re - The Alternative ending.

On my VHS and the version I remember watching as a child the film ended when Cordelia and Angie were leaving the jail after anouncing they are going to elope singing Detroit.

On the region 1 DVD Mr and Mrs Biddle return to the house in a somber mood as all the children have flown the nest they sing a about letting them go, I think its called it won't be long till christmas. Then there is a knock at the door its three marines bringing a letter saying that Mr Biddle has been asked to be a captain in the marines. John Lawless then sings lets have a drink on it now, all the Biddle Bible class turn up to celebrate.

This edition of the film is called The roadshow edition and this is how it originally appeared for the 'trades' in 1967. This must be one of Disneys' most underated musicals and scores ever!