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Started by Javey74, June 21, 2007, 11:47:58 PM

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Now I suppose Vasile could be considered as a Music Imagineer.  

I am a musician my self and like playing some of the theme park music.  I'm trying to get some background information on him, in particular how he got the job in the first place.  He is one lucky guy with an atonishing talent, what I would do to be in his shoes.  I would love to get inside this mans mind.  I've always said Disney is the characters, Disney is the scenery, but Disney is also the music, without it, it would not be Disney.  

How can you create music that just about everyone will love, knowing how successful it will probably become after millions listen to it, and your name is on it.  What does it feel like and where do these ideas come from.

I often wonder  :?: Can anyone help, does anyone know him personally  :?:



Must be a hard one this one, no reply as yet.  No one with any info on Vasile, such a major person within the Disney Empire aswell.  Surely he hasn't been overlooked, hopefully it's just this post that has and not Vasile  :?:  :?:  :?:



Hi javey74,

If you've not visited it yet, the Media Magic blog might be a good insight for you.  I'm pretty sure there's at least one interview with Vasile on there.  The official blog also has a video interview with him which might be interesting for you.

I agree with you he deserves a lot of credit.  Not everything he's done has been perfect, but when he gets it right (Dancin, Chante, the new flag theme for Candleabration for example) he gets it so perfect. :)


Thankyou Baloo, most helpful, looking at the blog now.

Cheers  :D  :D  :D