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Started by The Butlin Boy, February 17, 2006, 12:52:38 PM

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The Butlin Boy

In this game you have to design a new ride for DLRP. Here are the rules
1)It can be any type of ride that you want it to be (e.g dark ride, roller coaster,ect)
2)It must be based something related to disney.
3)You must put which park it's going to be in.
4)You must say where in the park it will go.
5)You have to put pictures of it on here and a description of what is going to happen on the ride.

I'll go first:
Name: Monsters Inc: Door Race
Which Park: WDS
Where will it go: Animation Courtyard/Toon Studios
Based on: Monsters Inc
Type of RIde: Roller Coaster
Description of ride: When you enter the new building for the attraction, you automatically enter the world of monsters inc. The que is decorated like the Monsters Inc factory. the vehicles that you sit in carry 2 people, they are made to look like one of the doors from the film and there is are models of Mike, Sulley and boo on them. When the ride starts you enter the scene from the film where all of the doord are kept.
Here are some pictures that I have made for the ride:


this sounds a good game! But ill have to think and think and think before i reach a conclusion!
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The Butlin Boy

Any ideas :?:


Still thinking here... it's a great idea  8)

The Butlin Boy

Any Ideas????? :roll:


I guess my Muppet movie ride could count!  It's not based on a proper Disney film, but Disney do own the Muppets now...


It does take quite a while to think about something and write about it like that, so that's probably why people haven't done anything yet.  Also, the Imagineering forum itself is for people to Imagineer new attractions (as well as discuss developments at WDI), so there's a bit of overlap with the game.

Maybe we could have game where someone gives the name of a Disney film, and then everyone else has to come up with an idea for how they could make a ride based on that film.  The person who started then picks the best idea, and that person continues the game with the next film...  What do you think?


I've got some ideas, but I would break one of the rules. I don't like it if I have the restriction to base a ride on a Disney film. Disney is much more then that, just take a look at the Thunder Mesa story, the Twilight Zone Tower of Terror, Pirates of the Caribbean and so on and so on...  :wink:


Maarten, feel free to post any of your ideas in the Imagineering board!  That's why it's there!  :D

The Butlin Boy

I have changed the rules slightly, your idea has to be disney related which means it doesn't have to be based on a disney film.


I'm breaking the rules and doing some for international parks... 8)

Name: Crush's Carnival Twister
Which Park: Disney's California Adventure
Where will it go: Parade Pier
Based on: Finding Nemo
Type of Ride: Sprinning coaster with dark ride section
Description of ride: The same as at Walt Disney Studios Park!  Except that here it's themed as a classic ghost train-style ride.

OK, so I stole this one! :lol: Turtle Twister is actually quite strongly rumoured to go into Paradise Pier, though... :( (I guess this should be talked about in the Toon Studios topic) :wink:

Let's try another:

Name: Tron Battlezone
Which Park: Walt Disney World's Magic Kingdom
Where will it go: Tomorrowland
Based on: Tron (1982)
Type of Ride: A collection of those Kuka robocoaster arms (that Legoland are currently adding to all their parks), in a setting that looks like the inside of the Tron system.  You have to ride out the computer virus!


Before you guys all start to think "o no, another Splash Mountain", I first want to introduce you to the time, place and events that took place in Thunder Mesa. The theme will be completly different to Brer Rabbit. Eventually, only the track, lay-out of the mountain and the name will be the same as with the other Splash Mountains. You can easily compare this attraction to Phantom Manor and Space Mountain, two unique and differently themed rides in Disneyland Paris, which are better then their counterparts in the United States. This Splash Mountain will be no exception on that rule.

Name: Splash Mountain
Which Park: Disneyland Paris
Where will it go: Frontierland, near Critter Coral
Based on: Thunder Mesa storyline
Type of Ride: Log-flume/darkride

According to the legend, in 1853 gold was found in the Big Thunder Mountain. The mountain is protected by the Indian Thunder Bird god. When someone tried to rob the richness of the mountain, the god flaps its wings which draws lightning and shakes the earth. The mountain was holy to the indians. Eventually, when the goldfever hit their zone, the indians where chased away from their natural home and their holy mountain.

We know what happened to Thunder Mesa and their inhabitants. The story of the manor of Henry Ravenswood is well known, but also other characters like Diamond Lil', Jedediah Rose, Lavinia Rose jr. and Reverend Jared Bates played an important role. But to come back to the point, nobody ever knew what happened to the indians who where chased away. No one in the surrounding area of Thunder Mesa ever saw them back. There was just one thing the mineworkers of the Big Thunder Mining Company discovered in 1853 after they found gold in the Big Thunder Mountain; a small mountain hidden in the woods nearby. The mineworkers, and most of all Henry Ravenswood, where hoping that this mountain would contain even more gold.

Eventually, 3 mineworkers went inside the cave at the left side of the mountain, but they never returned. Everybody in Thunder Mesa heared about this mysterious event, so Henry Ravenswood decided the Big Thunder Mining Company would not go back to the mountain looking for gold. He focused on the Big Thunder Mountain insteed, and became rich. Some cowboys who lived nearby the Cowboy Cookout Barbecue heared strange sounds comming from the mountain, which was called Splash Mountain among the inhabitants. Nobody could ever solve the mystery.

Nowadays, guests of Disneyland Paris can find out what the secret of Splash Mountain is, just like Phantom Manor. It appears that this mountain was an holy mountain for the indians, just like Big Thunder Mountain. The indians burried theire relatives in the caves of the mountain, and when the 3 mineworkers where searching for gold in 1853, they woke the spirits up. The spirits still haven't found their rest, and everybody who enters the heart of the mountain (= the guest) will get kicked out (=the final splash). To make this attraction more special then the other Splash Mountains, Disney could add a pre-show area in the queue, to shortly tell the people the legend of this mountain. The attraction could contain several scenes with fog and watercurtains, projections and animatronics. Ofcourse, the attraction should not get to scary, but I dont really have an idea how to make this attraction funny for the little ones when you think of the story.

But this is one of my idea's about adding attractions to Disneyland Resort Paris. Hopefully you guys liked this one.  :)

The Butlin Boy

Good idea =D>


Thanks for taking the time to write all of that, Maarten!  :D

This sounds like the ride of Splash Mountain with the backstory, detail and history of Expedition Everest.  In other words - PERFECT!  :ears:


Awesome concept full of story (soething Disney should preserve). Love the idea of Splash Mountain in DLP nd this makes it fit perfectly. You're so creative and I'd love to see bthis version over the others that are found worldwide. They are really childish!
Grab a balloon, come on let\'s go!


Makes perfect sense, maybe that's something they had in mind when constructing DLRP.  (why oh why do we have to be the least performing disney park  :cry: )

Tnx Maarten for your great input!