Main Street Photo Stitching

Started by Javey74, December 11, 2008, 08:44:39 PM

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I was wondering if any member has took photos of each building down Main Street,then  managed to stitch them all together using a photo editing suite, to give a sort of panoramic view down each side of Main Street.  If anyone has I would love to see the results.. :wink:  :D


that would be a cool thing! maybe we can create one with all our forces!  :D
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With or without the [strike:2cel9pw0]temporary[/strike:2cel9pw0] Entertainment lampposts?


Quote from: "Kristof"With or without the [strike:1peres9l]temporary[/strike:1peres9l] Entertainment lampposts?
Preferably without, but you would need a wide lense because of the closeness.. :wink:  :mrgreen:


I did one of the Casey Jr. area in august, main street will be on my to-do list ;)
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Ahhh, so the race is on then.  :o Not sure who's in it mind.. :lol:  :lol:  :mrgreen: