Re-imagineering Indiana Jones and the Temple of Peril

Started by Kristof, May 12, 2007, 10:43:32 PM

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Well, I still would personally take out the loop, since it's the element of the ride that I don't particuarly enjoy. Plus, like I said, I'm sure the loop divides lots of families, mainly appealing to teenagers.

But, keeping the loop, I think the ride would be more comfortable if it had some of the new types of lap restraints, that hold you firmly around the waist. That way, there wouldn't be any shoulder restraints to smack your head against.

And a soundtrack would definitely enhance the experience, making it seem more dramatic and exciting than it really is.


I would definatly not take the loop out, DLRP has loads of rides for the kids i think its great when they throw the odd one or two rides in that appeal more to thrill seekers like me, you get to enjoy all of the Disney magic with a few thrill rides to keep the adrenaline junkie inside you happy.

I agree it does throw you about a bit, but it's really not that bad.. If you don't wish to be thrown about you just simply don't ride it.

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I agree completly! The loop is so important.

Indy is a thrill ride, if you don't like thrills, don't ride it! Loops aren't even that bad. Huge drops are much more scary and stomach twisting which Indy doesn't really have.

And new theming is definitely needed. I love the idea of the booby traps and stuff, it would be really good, but difficult to have a great effect as you move so fast. Maybe they could put in some slower parts in the ride. Like at  the beginning or whatever. You could move slowly past the effects and then speed up.


A soundtrack would add soo much to this ride.

It could start with something subtle, building up and up and then once through the loop, into the faster bottom sections it could break into the main Indy theme, adding lots of excitement and atmosphere!


Only problem wih adding a soundtrack is, could they physically add a soundtrack system to the existing ride vehicles?

Coaster tracks are designed with a particular weight of vehicle in mind. Adding speakers and the associated electronics/batteries would increase the weight of the vehicles, causing them to run faster with more momentum. And I know that, when they increased the capacity of the ride vehicles from 4 to 6 passengers, they had a lot of trouble reducing the weight of the vehicles to compensate for the 2 extra riders.

So, even if they wanted to, my guess is that they couldn't add an on-board soundtrack to the Temple of Peril


I guess they could always just put music around the ride like the Indiana Jones theme tune instead of having an on board sound track.

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It does have the Indy theme playing around the ride though doesn't it?

Maybe you can't hear it on the actual ride itself, not so sure you're really listening out for it there - but I'm sure it's playing out in the queue lines.

Definitely shouldn't lose the loop or try and tame the ride down. The great thing about DLRP is that there are rides which appeal to visitors on different levels, and there's plenty of stuff for the kiddies to do if Indy is too much for them.

It gives them something to look forward to when they come back when they're older too.


whats the EMV ride?!


I agree with the majority and think the loop should stay, without it the ride has nothing, as it is quite small. A theme tune would be good and adding effects like fire etc. would also make it a bit more "special" as at the moment i think it just looks like a random roller coaster on a frame, it definitely needs something more!