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Started by experiment627, April 04, 2004, 11:43:48 AM

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For a few weeks now, this first DVD out of the Walt Disney Treasures series that was released in Europe (alongside "The Silly Symphonies"-edition) has been sitting on my shelf - and I finally get around to writing a review.

To make it short: fantastic!

To make it a bit longer: it's so fantastic, you should buy it.

And to make it really long: I love this DVD (actually, DVDs - for there are two). It includes all Mickey Mouse cartoons between the Mouestro's first colour appearance in 1935 to 1938 in chronological order. Which is a big plus, considering that previous Mickey Mouse cartoon collections were quite a bit on the messy side to say the least. I repeat: this one got ALL of them. And it's just amazing what an enduring quality these cartoons have. "Alpine Climbers" or "Boat Builders" are still funny after 70 years. You hardly notice that your grandparents probably laughed about the very same cartoons years ago...
>From an animation point of view, two things are especially interesting: the amazing development of technology in just four years! From cartoon to cartoon, the animation is getting more extravagant.
The other thing is, how much story troubles the folks at the Walt Disney Studios must have had with Mickey: even if Mickey is the star  - most of the cartoons center more on characters like Pluto, Goofy and especially Donald (who often deserves the biggest laughs).

All in all: this DVD is soooo recommandable and should be among the collection of every decent Disney-fan. Watching such classics (you can't call them any other way) like "The Band Concert", "Through the Mirror" or "The Brave Little Tailor" is a pure joy - and thanks to this DVD edition I certainly have found a new appreciation for the Mouse, that started it all...


Thanks for your review!  I'm looking forward to this DVD soooo much now!  I've preordered MMILC already, but Silly Symphonies seems to be only available from a few places (not Amazon) so i'm waiting to hear whether it is definately being released here until i preorder.

I must say though, that May and June will be very expensive months for me!  Just look at all of this:
May 3rd
- Mickey Mouse In Living Colour (£16.99)
- Silly Symphonies (£16.99)
May 10th
- Brother Bear (£14.99)
June 7th
- Pocahontas Special Edition (£14.99)
And then it continues into the following months with The Lion King 2, The Three Musketeers and Aladdin!  I'm glad that there will be lots of new Disney DVDs though, because there seems to be a bit of a gap in releases at the moment.  :cry:  :lol:


Some release dates for the Netherlands...

Walt Disney Treasures - Mickey In Living Color 02-06-2004
Walt Disney Treasures - Silly Symphonies  02-06-2004
The Lion King 2 07-07-2004
The Three Musketeers 04-08-2004  
Walt Disney Treasures - Chronological Donald 04-08-2004
Walt Disney Treasures - Mickey In Living Color 2  04-08-2004
Brother Bear 15-09-2004
Aladdin De Luxe dvd 20-10-2004


Quote from: "raptor1982"Walt Disney Treasures - Chronological Donald 04-08-2004
Walt Disney Treasures - Mickey In Living Color 2  04-08-2004

I've heard rumours of a second R2 Treasures "wave" later this year, i hope its the same for other European countries aswell.  Maybe the 1st Wave sets will "test the water" for sets like this and see how popular they are..?


I guess so...

But what really surprised me how low this DVDs are priced... €14,99 is quite a good price!


Here's a really good site with a lot of release dates etc. http://www.disneyinfo.nl

Too bad it's in Dutch...