My Fantasyland (not as rude as it sounds)

Started by cap'njack, December 04, 2008, 03:48:10 PM

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Again the same, now for Fantasyland

1 - 100 Acre Wood Playground
2 - Winnie the Pooh Darkride
3 - Little Mermaid Darkride
4 - Alice in Wonderland Darkride
5 - Hunchbank of Notre Dame Darkride :D
6 - Beauty and the Beast Darkride

Pete's Dragon

Seems like a very creepy Fantasyland, too much darkness. Then again, you'd save a fortune on light bulbs  :wink:

The Butlin Boy

Great ideas, nut what's number 6? :wink:


Quote from: "The Butlin Boy"Great ideas, nut what's number 6? :wink: should have been.....another dark ride  :shock:

6 - Beauty and the Beast Darkride

The Butlin Boy

Quote from: "cap'njack"
Quote from: "The Butlin Boy"Great ideas, nut what's number 6? :wink: should have been.....another dark ride  :shock:

6 - Beauty and the Beast Darkride

Ah, good idea :wink:


do you like the dark :D

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Haha! Cool!

But whats with the title?! "Not as rude as it sounds?" Am I missing a joke?  :?


nice idea- more suitable than my fantasyland (which is every bit as rude/dirty as it sounds) 8)  :oops:


hey guy´s, here is my idea for fantasyland how it could look like in the future!

Grey: Pathway
Green: Greenery
Yellow: Sillysymphony Swing
Purple: Goofy´s Barnstormer
Blue: Little Mermaid Darkride


hey guys i think in fantasyland in paris is missing a toontown because it's great the vistit the houses of mickey and minnie in i love goofys coaster :D

but i also like your ideas :wink:


Hey folks, sorry to bring up this old topic, put as it seems disney
is now up to clone all rides and all will be character related, i was thinking
why not clone disney rides every park has except DLRP!

it´s nothing special put i think it would work perfectly, it took me just a few minutes
for the idea, something WDI needs years  :lol:  :P

Let´s beginn with the land where the storybook boat ride and casey jr. is...


Number 1 on the color map is the new 100 Acre Wood it will have the playground and meet´n´greet plus the many adventures of winnie pooh darkride.


number 2 on the map is expansion land, for future attractions, restaurants and shops.


On this patch of land, where the beauty and the beast was meant to be, will now!


The facade of the building would match with the look of our fantasyland, and the entrance will look like the one in HKDL. Or it could look like this, but not as toony  :wink:

So you see folks, a little idea with a lot theming  8)


Great idea you've there!
I would love to see PhilharMagic coming to DLP, it would fit perfectly in my opinion! :D
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Great ideas!
It would be fatastic if even one of these rides came to disneyland paris, it would be a be a great expansion.
I only hope that we don\'t lose sight of one thing,that it was all started by a mouse[size=150] Walt Disney

:pluto:  :mickey1:


IMO also a little bit to "dark" ;)
but if they build the Winnie pooh dark ride this would be soooooo awesome!!!!