It's Party Time... with Mickey and Friends (MMP)

Started by Kristof, November 24, 2008, 03:07:20 PM

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I'd love to see talking heads in Paris (In addition to Timon). I'd also like to see them integrated into the Parade, its a simple system and nothing would needed to be changed dramatically.

The view from the new seating area won't be all that good, considering the vast majority of people will still be standing on Main Street so I can't see them changing which direction they do the show to.


Quote from: "Willow"I'd love to see talking heads in Paris (In addition to Timon). I'd also like to see them integrated into the Parade, its a simple system and nothing would needed to be changed dramatically.

Yes it would. The paychecks of the performers would change dramatically because when they control the heads themself they are considered puppeteers and puppeteers are paid more. At least that's what I heard (and it being the reason why we haven't seen more talking characters at DLRP).


I'm not familiar with how performers are paid at DLRP so didn't know about that.

It does make sense based on how they operate the heads though that they would be classed as puppeteers.


I may sound very stupid but i always thought the heads were programmed to whatever music or show they was correspending to.

Also how can you operate a moving head without the use of your arms, unless im missing something here  :?

I will go back to my small hole now   :P
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The heads are operated by the performers moving their hands. One hand operates the mouth, the other their eyes.

  If you watch videos of 'Dream Along With Mickey' from Magic Kingdom, you can make this out at some points. :)


Ok, this might spoil the magic for some so I'm putting this in a spoiler tag:

[spoiler:3rpf54gf]Each performer have wires leading from the head to their hands and on a specific finger (I thought it was the ring finger? Could be wrong though) there is a trigger which activates a specific function (like eye blink or mouth move) when they twitch their finger to their handpalm. I think the eye blink trigger is on the left hand and the mouth move trigger on the right (or the other way around). Just look at the show (preferably in HD, as you'll see it better) and you'll see what I mean. So the performers have to know the script just as good as the normal "head nodding" characters (or even better).[/spoiler:3rpf54gf]

[EDIT] Whoops, someone beat me to it! Oh well :D


Thanks for the explanation Jems, makes a lot more sense. Will watch Dream Along with Mickey tomorrow to see if i can notice it.
Tomorrow, tomorrow, I love you, tomorrow,... You're always a day closer to my next Disney trip!


Member Alex from Disneycentralplaza shares a pic of the construction. Cause it is behind the fences I choooooose the spoiler for you: :mrgreen:


 :arrow: //[/spoiler:snj0q71t]

Another behind the fences pic can we find here:


Seems there´s not much central plaza at the moment :cry:
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I've been thinking about this new stage quite a bit as I really think it's an influential step in the park's entertainment. Having the stage looking like it is meant to be there is very important (just like LOTLK not really fitting into the Discoveryland theme) so I hope they get all this right!

Something that we've maybe not thought of is the technical side of any show that can be placed there. I would like to see a surface of the stage that can be replaced SHOULD a new show require it. Tokyo uses this a lot, but I guess they basically rebuild their stage anyway. The promotional concepts show a tiered effect in the stage centre. Hydraulic lifts to enhance the effect and keep the stage lower for the rest of the day? Would the stage be able to hold props for later in the performance also (unlike the traditional Enchanted Fairytale Ceremony tree and lights being kept on display in a bag)?

Since the stage will be permanent, I guess the lighting and sound fittings will be too. This is a great chance to try and overcome all that echoed music. How, I'm not sure, but I hope it's looked into.

A big thing for me with the Central Plaza shows has been the lights. For the special Halloween fireworks/show, they added to the existing setup dramatically with extra colour-changing lights shining up from the stage floor. Can we expect something similar embedded in the stage itself? The lighting stands around Central Plaza now have the chance to be themed appropriately too as they do look a little delicate. With this will we have bonus lights?

I guess all of the above depends on how they wish to use the stage. Lights with moving heads (15th Anniversary press event) could provide a lot of atmosphere and professionalism. Remote controlled heads may also provide 360 degree spotlighting without the need for extra CMs to operate them. How would any castle projection equipment also be housed in this design? Could the staircase on that side be partially removable?

Just raising a few suggestions and 'thinking aloud' about the project. I'm strangely so intrigued about it!
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Well hopefully they will make some steps which the Characters can acutally climb without crawling on their hands and knees.

I'd like to see a better lighting set-up built. Currently the few either side of the stage are pretty basic. (And also are really annoying when your trying to film and get a decent view of whats going on) They could at least put a few rigs either side of Main Street to improve the show quality.


I found out today that the new stage is pre-build like the old stage.  The main stage and the 4 satellite stages are all loose elements.  So maybe it won't be as permanent as we first thought it would be?


Wow that sounds like a fast builded stage. I was a bit shocked cause you don´t see much of central plaza at the moment.
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What about the "Candleabration" for the time of the Construction of the stage?

Does it happen or not? The Programme Flyers say it happens, but where?

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I believe the Candeabration is just the lighting up of the castle!
no flag wavers, no mickey and the gang
just the castle!!
(someone correct me if I am wrong!)


Mickey and Minnie are there (to be specific, on the balcony of the castle) and there are also a whole lot of characters running from the gate to the audience at one point. The rest is just a skimmed down version of Candleabration with a little parade music mixed in it (the general stop music, I think). The ice effect that is normally only seen in the xmas season is now still being put on the castle to extend the show's length.