Ice skating show Mickeys Winter wonderland is it still on ?

Started by Lindyloo, November 19, 2008, 05:36:17 PM

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My friend told me of a christmas show whcih has Mickey and gang ice skating in Frontierland. Is this due to be on this year please? I go 1st to 4th Dec.

Thank you

Magic M

Yes its on again this year in the Chaperal Theatre just next door to the Train Station and Woody's Round-up (this this Santa's Workshop).

Really worth a watch - great routines, comedy and all the classic characters!

BTW, does anyone know what the deal is with Hillbilly Bears?  I've never seen them in anything else...


Some info and pictures here: ... onderland/

You'll be able to find times here soon:

I've seen the hill billy bears out at Cottonwood Creek many times before, but like you say Magic M, not in any show. They're just a very fun exclusive for this show and one of many things that make it so unique and fun.

My favourite show at DLRP by a mile.


wow thank you soooo much for the quick info !!!!!

I love this site !!!! :D


The Butlin Boy

It is a brilliant show, I really recommend you go and see it whilst your there. Stick it on your to-do list :P


We loved this show, but the seats are very cold, take something to sit on!! and sit in the middle so you're not behind a post.
its a lovely wintery christmassy feeling!!! :lol:
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Thank you for all the tips !

Will pack a small towel to sit on and wipe our hands with etc, in my ruck sack.

Can I be cheeky and ask another question please?

What should I budget for a hot drink?  Hot Choc coffee etc.
What should I budget for Annettes diner and Cafe Mickeys.

Thanks you guys "rock "  :D/