Halloween event at Walt Disney Studios park

Started by Kristof, February 07, 2006, 11:20:12 PM

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Imagineer a Halloween event for the Walt Disney Studios park.   :D

Share your visions on the theming, characters, animation, ...


The event should definately have classic Horror movies as it's key theme.  It'd contrast nicely with the "fun" theme of the Pumpkinmen at Disneyland Park, and allow a much more adult audience to be drawn to the festival - which would also allow more people to discover the cool stuff WDS actually has to offer.

They could have the usual Dracula (from Good Morning WDS, CinéFolies and others) out and about, but also include some new ones, like Frankenstein, perhaps?  I'm not really a horror movie geek, so I'm not sure who they could use.  Maybe Davy Jones or Captain Barbossa from POTC?!  :D

Tower of Terror should be centrepiece of the celebrations, but they shouldn't do *anything* to it.  Maybe have some of those horror movie stars out front, maybe have some extra creepy bellhops around, but nothing else!  The tower is scary enough on its own!

They should also make sure they have some stuff for the kids, so a "Happy Halloween, Walt Disney Studios" morning parade is obligatory, and some kind of small show at Place des Stars in Production Courtyard... anyone got any ideas?


I think they should do like a villain thing to do with movies. Maybe like the characters faces (as posters)  stuck to walls
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i read somewhere that hth is runing ahead of scedual and they are going to try to open it for haloween 2007
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Quote from: "Jon"i read somewhere that hth is runing ahead of scedual and they are going to try to open it for haloween 2007
Yeah, I believe this was pretty much confirmed at last month's shareholders meeting.  It will definately be opening towards the start of Fiscal Year 2008, anyway.