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Started by Anthony, February 04, 2006, 04:35:04 PM

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Leading on from this topic in the WDS forum about Fantasmic, why don't we have a go at designing our own dream night-time entertainment shows for Walt Disney Studios?

You can either keep the budget low and make it something that could really be an option, OR you can just go crazy and design a new Fantasmic...  :lol:

Imagineer away!  :wink:


Great topic Baloo!  :)

Before I will open a new topic about my ideas for Production Courtyard in the Studios, I will first tell you about a "new" nighttime parade I imagined.

It's called Disney's Premiere Parade. According to my philosophy, in the morning the stars come to the Studios (Good Morning Walt Disney Studios), during the day they work (Disney Cinema Parade) so at the end of day when all the work is done, the movie is ready. Its time for a premiere in true Disney style.

Okay, so to get back to the actual parade. Remember the rumours about Disney's Stars and Motorcars Parade? I think they can just keep the Disney Cinema Parade in the afternoon, so they can use the Stars and Motorcars a la Premiere Parade at night.

Imagine... you're standing near the parade route in the Studios. Its dark. Suddendly there's a beautiful uplifting, Hollywood like soundtrack in the background and you can see all the unique cars with a lot of dancers in front of them. A nice idea would be to have flashing lights on the current light poles so you creat an atmophere like there are a lot of photographers. They could even add a commentator who talks you though the entire parade, just like at the Stars and Motorcars Parade in the Disney-MGM Studios. Besides that they can also add some searchlights in the sky.

When I think about it, this idea can become reality. We will get the Stars and Motorcars Parade... the only things they have to do is rename the parade in Disney's Premiere Parade, add some flashlights on the lightpoles, add some searchlights for the atmosphere and create a nice soundtrack. Maybe they could also add some extra lights on tha cars and ofcourse the commentator, but in my opinion it's not that far from reality. It wil be a whole new experience.

What do you guys think?  8)


Personally I think this could really work, although timing with Fantillusion could be the only problem.  :?  I think it could work so much that it may even be something DLRP have up their sleeves. I'm not confident of DCP being replaced just yet, so the Disney/MGM cars would work great in the morning or night!

Maarten's concept seems very similar to what Ant and I kinda talked about, but just without the lavish effects with TOT. I think to make TOT the centrepiece of WDS would be a great idea (especially as a focal point to a special effects or firework show), but this huge element is quite unlikely with the current financial situation.

Disney's Premiere Parade is a scaled down version without a doubt, but often less can be more. The simplicity, style, atmosphere and romance of the parade would see out the day in the studios really well, without the need for over-the-top effects etc. Moody lighting could easily be installed around CineMagique etc and the current parade route lamps can have colour change filters added on the outside. It's a fairly cheap proposal, yet still has potential if it generates the right kind of atmosphere. My god, WDS needs a bit of glamour at the moment!
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Brilliant, brilliant idea, Maarten!  If we're going to be "saddled" with this parade, then I really hope they have a bright idea like this to make it more exciting and interesting.  I think a parade could be the most likely form of night-time entertainment we'll get in the park, because it can a) fit into the story/theme well, and b) be created quicker and with less cost than a Fantasmic-style amphitheatre.

I actually posted a similar idea over in the Stars and Motor Cars Parade topic... maybe if we spread this around enough, DLRP will take note?  :D

Anyone got any more ideas?  :mickey2:


Quote from: "Baloo"I actually posted a similar idea over in the Stars and Motor Cars Parade topic... maybe if we spread this around enough, DLRP will take note?  :D

Ow sorry, I haven't read that particular topic. But I am very glad you and Kris like my idea. Both of you; thanks for the nice words!  :D


*a little bit off topic* but it's a little bit nighttime.
Once TOT is open the Halloween soirées would perfectly fit in the Studios. Imagine what they all could do with the TOT-theme. Some scary bell hoppers in the park. Some 'dead actors and actresses (cinefolies style) ;-)
a huge party in the Stunt Show set ...)


*still off topic* :lol:

They could also have live actors along the tram tour route!  Someone jumping out from the Dinotopia set, at least... lol

Once ToT is open, they *have* to bring the season across to WDS.  It's been stuck in DLP for too long, and adding a whole horror movie section to it would really be a breath of fresh air.  Not everyone likes the Pumpkinmen, or even the Disney characters, so having some CinéFolies horror movie stars like you suggested would be really, really brilliant!

A Halloween version of Animagique with all the Disney Villains would be SO cool!


The idea of a Disney horror movie is really hard to resist for WDS. Halloween could work so well here, especially with TOT of course.
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Yeah real good idea
Remember Dreams Come True! \":mickey2:\"

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Does anyone think a fireworks show could ever work in the Studios?  It's further away from the towns at the back of the resort, so noise might not be so much of an issue...

Where would they be able to stage it?  Behind Studio Tram Tour?  It's not the nicest of backdrops... maybe they should use ToT as the main backdrop?

What music should they use?  Should it be a happy Hollywood celebration, or perhaps the story of how the Tower became cursed?  Or maybe a colourful explosion of classic Disney animation, as if it's leaping out of the Animation Vault and into the sky?!  :)


Quote from: "Baloo"Where would they be able to stage it?  Behind Studio Tram Tour?  It's not the nicest of backdrops... maybe they should use ToT as the main backdrop?

Please keep in mind that they would have to close down a good deal of an already small park to stage such a show like you propose.
Considering that they're closing Fantasyland and a half of Adventureland an hour before any night-time show over Le Chateau, imagine what they had to do at the Studios...

(Not to mention that fireworks and the gas tanks for Armageddon and the Stunt Show might cause a major safety risk when a fireworks spectacular is being shot off right next to them...)