DLRP Premier Inn (idea!!)

Started by CentralPlazaPerson, October 27, 2008, 05:47:08 PM

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Hey Guys
Just thought of an idea for DLRP. Why not put a Premier Inn in DLRP. Holiday Inn did it, why not Premier Inn?
Those who aren't familiar with Premier Inn they are Britian's largest hotel chain with over 500 hotels accross the U.K alone and more to come.  The company is now expanding accross the world with a new hotle opened in Dubai and some planned for India and the rest of Asia. I suggest that there should be one in DLRP. I have never stayed in a Premier Inn hotle but I have had lunch in it and the staff are very friendly and I know people who have stayed in it and they said the room are nice and beds are comfy. I suggest locating it beside all the other Non-Disney themed hotels but in the Disney Complex e.g Val d'Europe etc and Holdiay Inn
Does anyone think this?

A typical Premier Inn room.

Premier Inn in Dubai.

A British Premier Inn (Heathrow Airport) The one Lenny Henry stays in during the advertisement. The advertisement is on down this page.

The recent Premier Inn advertisement featuring comedian Lenny Henry. He spends a night in a Premier Inn Hotel and he loves it. Pretty funny advert.

They are even thinking of a Premier Inn on the Moon. I don't know if this is true or not lol.

CCP :) What do you'll think?

The Butlin Boy

I like the idea. We have stayed at a few Premier Inn's before, and they are really good for value, service, quality, and breakfast :P I wouldn't mind seeing one at DLRP in the future at all :)


I totally agree wif u butlin boy very cheap for what you get. Breakfast is good I have heard, excellent service and very nice rooms.


This would be great especially for the people who come to the resort on budget and dont want no extras accept a decent hotel room  :)


I personally do not see the need, premier inn are rather expensive I find, and the etap is located just down the road :wink: , that's good enough along with ibis and holiday inn and not to mention kyriad, I personally feel the budget hotels are enough around dlrp.


You do have a point there Patrick :P
Why not a new Disney Hotel, but what would the themeing be?