The Mystery of Casey Jr.

Started by Willow, October 28, 2008, 12:53:09 AM

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For the last few visits to the park Casey Junior has never been opened but i've presumed this is due to the construction of the Christmas Village. Earlier this month Casey Junior was once again down, and once again scheduled. However it wasn't open once the date for its closure had passed.

Do they only operate this and Les Payes des Contes Fayes on weekends now?

My sister is a big fan on this ride, so we asked at City Hall about it not being open, they said it would be open on Saturday. Unfortuanetly we would be leaving on Friday so wouldn't get to ride it again, however on Friday it was open.

The park team could at least publicise that it is very rarely open, it sounds like it is only open on weekends. It is a popular ride and had at least 10 minute queues on Friday and the soundtrack is really funky.


every time i have been it has been open every day :S However, i have only ever been mid-august
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when i was in disneyland in late september, it was only open on Friday and not on the two previous days


We have been to DLRP in September for five days (Monday - Friday) and Casey Jr. and Le Pays des Contes de Fées were closed all the time.

These attractions were only open once during all my DLRP visits.


We was in the Resort from 02.-05.10.08 and Casey Junior and the Boat Ride was open all 4 days :-)


im totally goofy

we always go in january and i havent seen it open at all would like to though [-o<  [-o<


It could be that this part of fantasyland is not usually open during the winter months ?


Quote from: "Owain"It could be that this part of fantasyland is not usually open during the winter months ?

But September isn't Winter and it still is open on random days in the Winter.


We went mid january this year and for the first time  both rides were open.  We always travel in January and it was the first time for us that either ride had been open. (we were very excited as it meant between us we had travelled on all the rides available at DLP :D/ ),
This year , however small world was closed for maintenance on all except one day of our trip.  so may be they were opened to get some activity in that area??
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When I was there last november Casey Jnr was sheduled to be closed and it was. I was back in July this year and actually forgot about it. I was only there for 2 days and was trying to fit in as uch as possible and forgot casey jnr!! i only remembered as I was on the flight on the way home, I could have kicked myself as I love it!:( gur stupid me!

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It has been closed a few time i ave been but it was opn in April this year
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