Trainstation Chessy cleared

Started by flor, April 09, 2004, 03:19:46 PM

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Yesterday evening around the clock of half past 8 in the evening, the trainstation of Chessy (at the Resort) was cleared due to a bomb report for the railway stations of Paris.

The people stayed very calm and the soldiers were friendly and gave information for the people who were lost.


Well this isn't nice news, but i'm very glad the station was cleared so efficiently.  I didn't hear anything about the Paris train stations getting bomb threats, though obviously none of them turned out to be true thank god.

Were you there when the sation was cleared?  How long weren't you allowed in it for?  And are those soldiers still there? I'm very anxious about this now because i'll be there myself for part of next week and the Chessy train station will be fairly vital for our plans to get from the airport to our hotel.  :? Ah well, it looks you're safe so it can't be that bad.  :wink:


While we were leaving the park at 8 there were a lot of people in front of the entrances before the station. I was curious but we didn't pay anymore because we saw some people in the station, because it was not  totally closed. We thought it was for the security. We didn't pay attention to it so we went to Disney Village. But while we left the village around 9 - 9.15 soldiers were clearing the zone around Fantasia Garden and the area around the busstops. No one was allowed to go in the station. Soldiers with dogs were searching in the station for anything what could be dangerous.

On the news at noon I heard it was because there were bomb threats in the whole Paris region. 40.000 persons were evacuated because of the threats. They said around half past 10 people were allowed to go back in the buildings.

While we arrived in the morning, we only saw 4 soldiers (on the parking) but in the evening there were a lot more!!

the bomb threats are increasing all over Europe. but if you have to take every threat serious you don't have to go anywhere.