[Imagineer it] Transform Toon Studio into Pixar Land

Started by Kristof, November 18, 2008, 06:01:07 PM

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Here's the challenge: Transform the entire Toon Studio area (Art of Disney Animation, Flying Carpets over Agrabah, Animagique, the Toon Town Backdrop, ...) into a Pixar-only land.  Toy Story Land and Ratatouille have to be included too.  

You may re-theme existing attractions / buildings to match the Pixar theme, but stay realistic.

Imagineer it!  :mickey2:

The Butlin Boy

Oooh, interesting. I'll give this a try later when I've got some free time :)


Nice idea Kristof, i'll do it when i get some free time (probably tomorrow) :D

Also you have gave me the best thing to think of to pass the time when i'm at a prize giving thing tonight! :mrgreen:
"You\'re dead if you aim only for kids. Adults are only kids grown up, anyway."
- Walt Disney

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great idea kristof, a very hard challenge but i try my best to stay realistic...

first i would say lets du the same entrance like the original.

the next thing is to remove the flying carpets and studio 3 for a whole new building for the Ratatouille ride. the building can look like this in the pic but nicer  :lol: ...

the floor should change in dark and bright grey bricks or in the stile like in the pic above...
next i would change the art of disney animation building, it shuold include a shop and a restaurant, the building look like the one for the ratatouille ride. the building on the hollywood blvd should connected to the shop and restaurant building...
the toystoryland is behind these building to let enough space for future attractions, shops or what ever based on pixar films....

i hope everyone understand what i try to explain and u will like it...

Captain Pan

Ok... Just need to get the thinking cap on... Something to ponder over in lectures tomorrow...

I will return with an idea... But its going to take a while for the ideas to flow...

My Aim is to try and get All 8 Movie Themes (Toy Story 1 & 2 count as 1) in it and leave space for additions with Up, Bear & The Bow and Newt in the Pipeline alongside Cars 2 and Toy Story 3  for 2012


Ok i did think about throughout the prize giving and Hopefully i've stayed realistic.

Ok first of all welcome i'd would change the name from Toon Studio to either Pixar Place or Pixar Studio, the land will still have the same theme that is it's the place Pixar stars come to work.  The Toon Studio statue will be replaced by a statue with whatever the land name will be given along with the light and luxio jr ball which i think appears in every Pixar movie in the opening Pixar credit.

Next will be Animagique which will be replaced by Pixar Premiere Cinema, the Animagique stage will be replaced by a cinema screen that will show either Pixar movies or Pixar shorts.  As well as that the cinema will include your favourite Pixar characters in the audience watching the show (think the animals at the tables in Videopolis).  Now i would have this as a temporary attraction until a live Pixar show comes to it.

After that we move on to Flying Carpets over Agrabah which will get a complete make over with a new theme.  This one i found difficult to re theme because no Pixar movies (yet) are about flying really but the best i could come up with is you are on the back of Nigel the Pelican from Finding Nemo.  The carpets will be replaced with Nigels and the main controls part in the middle will be painted blue to go with the Sydney background.

Next up is Art of Disney Animation which will be changed to Pixar Animation Studios Behind the Scenes.  In it you will watch a short video about the history of Pixar and how they make a Pixar movie, then after the show you will be able to create your own Pixar character from the computers, you pick what he/she is (e.g human, dog, toy), what it looks like and it's voice.  Then once you have created you character you can drop them into Pixar movie scene, say there will be 5 different scenes to choose from, you pick on then your character will be in it.  I don't know what to replace the giant Sorcerer's Hat with yet, but the shop will become a Pixar shop.

Ok next is the Toon Town Backdrop, which will be replaced by Monsters Inc. backdrop of the city Monsters Inc. is set in.  Also the scream machines will be moved there and The Incredibles photo point will be moved to where the scream machines were.

I think that's all the curtain attractions taken care of so now for the new attractions and we'll start with the costume building, which will be replaced by a Ratatouille themed restaurant.  Rendez-Vous des Stars will lose it's Ratatouille theme with this new table service restaurant.  Now i'm looking at WDS on Google maps and i notice that the costume building is a very big building so the restaurant won't take up the whole building, the other half of the building will be the Ratatouille dark ride and just to wrap things up now the Toy Story land will go just beside the Ratatouille attraction and restaurant but as of yet i don't know what the land will contain.

Hopefully i will remember to update this when more ideas come to me :P
"You\'re dead if you aim only for kids. Adults are only kids grown up, anyway."
- Walt Disney

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Hey Folks,

so i was thinking the whole day, to make my idea better...
first i have to say sorry to breeno i stole one idea from u  :mrgreen:

The Entrance and a few Buildings from Pixar Studios should like this i posted above..
now i show u a very colorful satelit pic from the studios, i added the Rumored rides and a few that hopefully come few years later. iadded them because u can see more the structure i like to see....

1. Bright Yellow: New and bigger Studio 3 with the Ratatouille Ride and Restaurant.
2. Dark Yellow: New Ratatouille meet´n´greet area.
3. White: New Pixar Studios Entrance.
4. Bright Grey: Pixar Shop and Animation Gallery.
5. Blue: Fly with Nigel (great idea from breeno)
6. Dark Green: ToyStory Land
7. Bright Green: ToyStory the Musical Show (from the Disney Cruise Line)
8. Orange: Monster Inc Hide & Seek
9. Red: New Monster Inc Scream Machine & meet´n´greet area
10. Purple: Expansion Area
11. Pink: Flowers, Statues, Fountain or what ever
12. Brown: Walkways
13. Black: Cars Race Rally
14. Dark Grey: Crush Coaster

hope u like it, and i´m excitedly about the other upcoming ideas....


Thanks everyone for posting your ideas so far, it's really interesting.

Here's my idea...   :mrgreen:

So we start at the entrance where Sorcerer Mickey, like Breeno suggested too, is replaced by an animated Pixar Lamp.

Art of Disney Animation is now replaced by "Presto's Hat Trick", a live magician show starring the characters from Pixar's Presto short.  The current pre-show is now replaced by a Broadway style lobby, but also serves as the queue line.  The large screen shows footage from the Presto short.  The Disney Classics Theatre and the Drawn into Animation Theatre are merged into one large theatre with a large stage where Presto and an Alec hand puppet are bringing their show.
The post show is a crazy circus-like set with lots of props guests can play with.  The Animation Academy is replaced by The Sorcerer's Workshop, where guests learn to do some simple magic tricks.   The Disney Animation Gallery shop will be expanded and replaced by Trick Magique, a shop similar to the Main Street Magic Shop at Disneyland California.

Studio 3 is now hidden by a large amount of sets (similar to the Hollywood Blvd. sets) that simulate the town from One Man Band, with the same fountain from the short in front of it.  A real "one man band" performer will regularly perform at the fountain.
The Studio 3 theatre will see Animagique replaced by the Finding Nemo:The Musical from Disney's Animal Kingdom.  The waiting area is now enclosed and upgraded to a more classy lobby.

Flying Carpets over Agrabah is also getting overhauled as it will be rethemed as The Incredible Omnidroid.  The backdrop will be replaced by a much higher quality representation of Metroville.  On top of the Omnidroid sits Jack Jack, regularly shooting out a fire burst.

Crush's Coaster is updated with a larger and more themed queue line, while Cars Quatre Rouyes Rallye remains the same.  The birds from "For the Birds" can be spotted on the telephone lines in front of the attraction.

The Toon Town meet 'n' greet area will be completed removed to reveal the Imaginations Building.  It will be taken over by the Ratatouille dark ride and "Gusteau's" a classic French restaurant, but with live animation throughout the evening: from screaming chefs pretending to chase rats, to the Rémy living character from Rendez-Vous des Stars.  

The grass area next to the Imaginations building will welcome Toy Story Playland, which will take over chunks of the Studio Tram Tour road.  The area holds three attractions: Little Green Parachutes, a parachute drop ride; Rex's Skater Game, a half pipe attraction located in a gameboy screen; and Slinky's Swirls, a Music Express ride.  The area is obviously filled with lots of toy props and many references to other Pixar productions.

That concludes my Pixar Land, hope you had fun...  :mrgreen:

The Butlin Boy

Ok, so here's my idea for The Pixar Studios...

-First of all, a new Toon Studio will open elsewhere in the park. This will feature The Art of Disney Animation attraction (which is expanded and improved), and the re-located Flying Carpets, along with some new additions, and lots of expansion room.

-The Sorcerer Mickey Toon Studio entrance statue is replaced with the new Pixar Studio one, which will look a lot like the one in the below picture:

-Animagique is replaced with Monsters Inc: The Musical, which is lightly based on the stage show seen at the end of the film.

-The Art of Disney Animation building is re-designed. Inside is a new attraction called 'The Pixar Story' or 'The Pixar Experience'. The attraction will basically a Pixar version of the current show, but changed wherever necessary. The pre and post shows are turned into mini exhibitions with some interactive pieces, a Pixar shorts theatre,  items and designs from Pixar's History, and a previews of upcoming Pixar films. The shop is also expanded and turned into a Pixar store.

-Behind The Pixar Story/Experience is Toy Story Studios featuring three small rides.

-Next to Toy Story Studios is a state of the art Rataouille dark ride, which is totally unique to DLRP, and makes all of the other Disney parks dream of having their own version :wink: This will be attached to Gusteau's, a proper restaurant, designed like the one in the film. This will have an interactive feature with the ride, like Blue lagoon has POTC. The exterior of both buildings will be inspired by both the restaurant in the film, and the Paris area at Epcot:

-Cars Race Rally and Crush's Coaster will both remain the same, except for Crush's queue line, which is made bigger and more interactive, fun and bearable :roll:

-And finally, on the site of the re-located Flying Carpets site is Wall-E's Adventure Play-Set! This is an interactive playground for kids, a bit like the Honey I shrunk the Kids version at WDW. It is based on the junk yard that Wall-E works and lives in, featuring lots of hidden toys and props to be discovered, like Wall-E finds in the film. This will provide a playground for kids to let off some steam, and to give parents a break, just what the Studios needs.

And as they'd say at the Walt Disney Studios, that's a wrap! :wink:  :P


Quote from: "Kristof"That concludes my Pixar Land, hope you had fun...  :mrgreen:
Very, very cool ideas!  Little things like the For the Birds animatronics are the kinds of things we'd have had if WDS were truly built to DLP-standard. I guess they'd be the Studios' version of the Hyperion pigeons.

All I'd add to the mix is Up and Away, an elevated monorail-type ride around the entire studios where you sit in a vehicle held up (not really) by lots of multicoloured balloons.

In fact, I'd also switch-out Finding Nemo The Musical in favour of Butlin Boy's "put that thing back where it came from" Monsters Inc Musical. I can't see them fitting that film in anywhere else at DLRP and I'd love it to be featured more heavily. :)