Rides that would never legally be allowed at DLRP?

Started by ICHAPMAN, October 29, 2008, 07:24:55 PM

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Hi All,

The idea of this thread is to see if they are any (existing) attractions that could never be rebuilt at DLRP in it's originally form due to French legal rules?.

I ask this because I recently sat and watched a BBC documentation 'Shoot for the Moon" (thanks to Disney and More blog for the links to it - See -> http://disneyandmore.blogspot.com/2008/ ... ng-of.html ).  

This was all about the building of Space Mountain and towards the middle theres a problem with the mountain in that a french safety official complains that the trains are travelling too fast and must be slowed down by 15seconds.

So - this got me thinking, what else is out there (perhaps not necessarily at another Disney park) that - without modifications couldn't be rebuilt at DLRP due to legal conditions?.

Perhaps a difficult thread to reply to unless you know French law (which sadly I don't).




The entire Hollywood Tower's construction was unique to France rule.
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I think i read before that jungle river isnt aloud to be built at DLRP, but im not 100% sure  :|