How to: Become a reasonable photographer?

Started by Soap, October 24, 2008, 01:08:24 PM

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Quote from: "Nicholas-c"
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Quote from: "Nicholas-c"This sounds really evil but those cameras are really really out of range. high end cameras for pros.

For a started DSLR i would recommend a Canon 1000D (Or 450D depending on budget) then move up

 :? I'm afraid I have to disagree :)

The D60 is a entry level DSLR ( Just a step up from the original D40 ) and is very simple to use :wink:

The E510 is also a entry level DSLR and is really only a step up from the E410 (Allows more customization than the E410 )

The Canon is really just an updated EOS40D :wink:

So to me these are really just entry level DSLR's. Professionals would be using Sony Alpha 900's, Canon EOS 5D Mk11 or Nikon D3's, they are pro cameras.

The D60, E510 and Canon are all good entry level cameras and I would still recommend them to newbies :wink:  :)

Epcot_Boy :ears:

Well yea :P but the 50D is out of range for someone who is just starting ;)  They are high end entry level cameras is what i meant :P

Also, The sony camera are very good but they seem to lack the lenses compared to the canons/Nikon's

Edit : Its Canon 5D MK II (Mark 2) :P

Edit 2: Also, you dont "Need" a DSLR as such, start "learning" some techniques at home and do small things like this...
4 pieces A4 paper, pencils and manual "exposure"

 :P  :P  :wink:  :lol:

Epcot_Boy :ears: