Financial Results - First Quarter 2006

Started by Anthony, January 27, 2006, 02:14:34 PM

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They were released a few days ago, and they're generally very positive.  Things are slowly but surely starting to get better, and these results should give us good hopes for the full 2006 season!  :D

Key Results

• Total revenues up 4%
• Theme park revenues up 2%
• Hotels and Disney Village up 4%

Total revenues increased 4% for the quarter ended December 31, 2005 to € 268.5 million compared to the restated prior year amount of € 258.8 million.

Karl L. Holz, Chairman and Chief Executive Officer of Euro Disney S.A.S., said:
"We are pleased with the progress made in the first quarter on the implementation of our multi-year strategy. While continuing to grow revenues, we have nearly completed our first new major attraction in four years, Buzz Lightyear Laser Blast® which will open on April 8, 2006. In parallel to our development plan, we have focused our efforts on our sales and marketing effectiveness, by streamlining our channels of communication to better reach our core market segments, and through the continued development and enhancement of new sales channels, including the internet."

See the full results PDF here: