A Summer of fantastic Entertainment!

Started by Anthony, April 12, 2004, 12:06:31 AM

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I know this might seem a bit random, but i just thought i'd point out how much amazing entertainment there will be in the resort this summer:

Disneyland Park
- The Tarzan Encounter
- Peter Pan to the Rescue
- Winnie the Pooh and Friends, Too
- The Legend of the Lion King
- The Princess Parade
- Disney's Fantillusion
- Tinkerbell's Fantasy In The Sky Fireworks

Walt Disney Studios Park
- Disney Cinema Parade
- Good Morning Walt Disney Studios!
- Lilo & Stitch's "Catch a Wave" Party

Disney Village
Lots of entertainment as always!

Wow! Just look at all of that!  You'll need a full day in Disneyland Park just to see the shows and parades, forget the attractions!

But if you could see just one of the shows/parades this summer, which one would it be?  (I know already that the answer will be obvious!)  :wink:


Lion King?  :D


Yep!  I'm still really looking forward to this show even though i won't actually get to see it myself until maybe next year!  I'm sure i'll see lots of videos and lots of photos of it though, which should just about keep me sane until then!  :D

The only thing i don't like from the rumours about the new show is that they aren't rumoured to be including "He Lives In You" which is without a doubt the best song in the broadway version.  :cry:


I'm curious for the new Lilo&Stitch show. Like read on dlp.info: Mickey, Pluto and others will dance the hoola too. I just want to see them shake their hips :d


Sure, the entertainment line-up this year is impressive, no doubt... except for the same old tired parade... sigh. Why won't they put it out of its misery? (Don't say the ugly "M"-word... I know why they won't put it out of its misery - it still sucks, though)


Indeed, it does sucks...  A princess parade with dumbo...  :roll:


I remember when they had two parades a day. The big parade in the afternoon and a smaller one, mostly themed after a disney film  at around 11 in the morning. (hmm.. or was it the other way round..  8-[ )
There was a Pocahontas parade, an Aladdin parade, a toy story parade and once even something with airplains, right?

Do you know what happend to these floats? I guess they aren't at DLRP anymore, otherwise they could reuse them now and then.. (for example the airplains)


Quote from: "Jiminy"I guess they aren't at DLRP anymore, otherwise they could reuse them now and then.. (for example the airplains)

Usually, floats are being recycled. For example, they used many of the old Disney Classic / Wonderful World of Disney Parade floats, ripped the old decorations off and put new structures onto them - then to be used for the dearly missed ImagiNations Parade...