Disney's Once Upon a Dream Parade

Started by Kristof, January 16, 2006, 07:45:07 PM

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yes  :wink:  it will be a Peter Pan/Mary Poppins float
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Cool!!! I expected the Peter Pan / Mary Poppins combination.  8)


Yay, I thought those two would be perfect together (obviously because of the flying element and London backdrop). So then, we have that "confirmed" and also The Lion King/Jungle Book (I forget who confirmed that recently, but they said it would happen :D ). Alice is tipped for a float and are we predicting a fairytale castle finale float? What other combinations could there be?

I'm trying to think of what would go with Alice actually. Only thing I can think of is Pooh  :roll:  As for the other movies they could use, I'd like to see some "less" popular films included. Hercules could be colourful (although not the regular fairytale film) and Hunchback would be fun in the Paris park. Anyone got any ideas?
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What about a Treasure Planet / Atlantis float that could work together or Hurcules / Tarzan float, though dunno how that could work, but those 4 movies seem to fit together well with the first 2 being exploring / adventurous movies and the last 2 an ancient tale and a victorian story could really contrast but I think they could work together quite well.


Never seen The Emperor's New Groove, but the artwork seems kinda similar to Hercules... a possible combination? I dunno

Pocahontas and Brother Bear MIGHT work if u set the float in the right location, or maybe Dumbo and Pinocchio sharing similar playful, colourful styles? I'm hardly a Disney film expert... just ideas  :P
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So this is the current lign-up:

- Peter Pan / Mary Poppins
- Jungle Book / The Lion King
- Alice in Wonderland / ???

A Mickey Mouse float and Princess float are a tradition in Disney parades, so those will probably be present too.


Wish I knew where I heard about the Alic float now, but as apparently every float will share more than 1 theme, there must be another character on board.

You say about Mickey and Princess floats seperately, but they can be mixed. Take Parade of Dreams for example. I did also hear that the end float would have kids on too  :roll:  Not had that confirmed by anyone else though
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QuoteWish I knew where I heard about the Alic float now

I know!!!  Check out page 1 of this topic  :wink:  :wink:  :wink:

QuoteYou say about Mickey and Princess floats seperately, but they can be mixed. Take Parade of Dreams for example.

Yes ofcourse, you're right.  :)   Not sure yet what I prefer.

Quote from: "Kris"did also hear that the end float would have kids on too  Not had that confirmed by anyone else though

Nooooooooooooo, that would be aweful!!!  Who wants to take photos of a parade float with other peoples kids on???  I dislike the idea in the cinema parade too (they should put characters in the theatre), and the beautiful Mickey's Jammin' Jungle Parade really spoiled it for me with all those strangers in the floats.   :(


I must admit I laughed at the idea when I heard it. It's a nice idea for families, but just seems strange. I look for characters in a parade, not other people's children. Talking of performers... I hope that even though they will be spending money on new floats that they will use a LOT of dancers to fill in the gaps. Formations look so much better with more people!

And how about mini-float/props things? I'm sure lots of cool decorations could be pulled along between the major floats too. DLRP have had whole parades like this so I'm sure they could design something.

How I wish I knew more about this parade... it's doing my head in  :P
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as Buzz is such a hot item in Disneyland Park, they'll probably use a float with him too? Although I hope they won't!


It kind of would make sense to add him, but if the name of this new parade really is "Once Upon A Dream Parade", I really think it needs to be fantasy-based. If you were to categorise the two parks, I would always say DLP is where you should go for enchantment, WDS for thrills.

I know there's some overlap there and both parks use those categories, but Buzz seems too modern for DLP for some reason. Space Ranger dreams is an odd interpretation for such a classy parade title, but it would make sense to represent him all the same  :?
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i think there should be a villain float too
Remember Dreams Come True! \":mickey2:\"

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Yes!  I agree, the Villains are quite popular among the adults.  There are Villains units in the Share a Dream Come True parade and Stars & Motors Parade.  Not sure if there are any in other Disney parks?


Well theres the Parade of Dreams using Ursula, who seems to be very popular in the states, also 100 Years of Magic on Parade in Tokyo Disneyland used a whole villains ball section, don't think any others do at the current time.  Though Paris definately need to add villains, they are so much fun, and a nice change from and they all lived happily ever after all the way through the parade :wink: .  Hope we don't get a weird compact sized ursula though like the Share a Dream come True :lol: .


There actually will be a float for the children, but it will run in front of the parade, the finale float looks promising :)

As for Buzz in the parade... yes :) he will feature with his pal Woody and other toys from Disney's universe...  :wink:

Please keep the infos here, don't spread them too much right now :) If you want to know more Private Message Me and I'll share my infos.
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