Disney's Once Upon a Dream Parade

Started by Kristof, January 16, 2006, 07:45:07 PM

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Disney's Once Upon a Dream Parade
A brand new parade at Disneyland Park for the 15th Anniversary.

The parade will feature 8 floats, each using more than one character/film as its theme.  The parade will feature parade "show stops" with confetti effects, scents for each float and puppets.  Performers due to appear include: Characters, dancers, bungee acrobats, jugglers, flag artists, puppeteers, stilt walkers.

The Parade

Float 1: Dreams of Imagination
featuring Mickey and the Disney VIPs

Float 2: Dreams of Laughter and Fun
featuring Alice in Wonderland + Pinocchio

Float 3: Dreams of Friendship
featuring Toy Story + Winnie the Pooh

Float 4: Dreams of Fantasy
featuring Peter Pan & Mary Poppins

Float 5: Dreams of Power
featuring Chernabog, Jafar, Ursula and more Disney Villains

Float 6: Dreams of Adventure
featuring The Lion King, The Jungle Book

Float 7: Dreams of Romance (Part 1)
featuring The Little Mermaid, Aladdin

Float 8: Dreams of Romance (Part 2)
featuring Snow White, Cinderella, Sleeping Beauty, Beauty and the Beast

Due to premiere 1st April 2007.

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MR. Entertainment posts this message on DLP.info:

Quote from: "Mr Entertainment, DLP.info"And for the Disneyland Park? Will the WWDP be replaced, and if so, when???

The answer is YES - it will be replaced.
Last Thursday, Jay RASULO, President of Disney Themeparks Worldwide validated the final concept of the Parade, which was presented by Katy Harris, in the USA.
The new "ONCE UPON A DREAM" Parade will contain 8 articulated floats, very similar in design to the "Snowglobe" parade float design.

Each float will show at least 2 Disney Classics on each float. An example would be "The Lion King" coupled with "The Jungle Book".

The Final Float would be in 3 parts, all articulated, and would be driven by 2 people. Current indications show that this would be the "Princess & Prince Float".

Devoted fans may think that we are copying ideas already done in other Disney parks. I do not believe this to be the case.

These floats are currently going into construction, and are all BRAND NEW. They will house up to date technology, and their introduction to Disneyland Paris will mean that every current driver would have to be retrained to drive these new floats.

And the LAUNCH DATE of this Parade????

Highly placed Management sources indicate that this parade - the "Once Upon A Dream" Parade will be with our Guests, at Disneyland Resort Paris, as early as FEBRUARY 2007.(DATE IS SUBJECT TO CHANGE...)

And for the fans of the WWDP Parade:
these floats will remain at DLRP in storage for use in case of special events or certain special requests.


Sounds interesting!

In fact, it's pretty much exactly what I had in mind for a new parade.  Having 2 films per float would be good, since they would then be sure to feature more peoples' favourite characters.  A proper "finale" float would be excellent too...

I hope the interesting "Mr Entertainment" is telling the truth!  :)


well according to my source in dlrp, daniel harding parade coordinator, i asked him if we were getting dream come true parade, and he sed no, the new parade will be a completety new concept.


Looks like someones telling lies again, though that's nothing new for Mr Entertainment then is it :lol: , oh well let's just see what happens I hope this new paarde is as good as the Wonderful World of Disney Parade anyway, or they might as well bring it back again as what next to prince Parade :P .


I heard all sorts of rumours when i was there, and at one point we all thought that the dream come true parade was coming to dlrp, but i asked daniel and he said it was an i dea, but instead they decided to design a completly new parade with new floats etc. I hope its going to be like the wwodp too, just with more upto date floats, and a lot visual things going on. But like i say no theme had been created just lots of different concepts were being designed.


These are not fake rumours, insiders from Disney Central Plaza confirmed that they heard the same.
Hug it out bitch !


:D This one sounds really great!


A friend of me described what he saw on the presentation sheet, and the parade looks neat! There's one float where Alice is giant and trapped in the house like in the movie :)! Moreover, the animals from the current Carnaval (elephants, zebras..) are going to be in front of the Lion King/Jungle Book float.
That's small infos but keep'em for you ;)

 I hope they'll present to shareolders on friday ofr more infos!
Hug it out bitch !


Quote from: "Kinou"A friend of me described what he saw on the presentation sheet, and the parade looks neat! There's one float where Alice is giant and trapped in the house like in the movie :)! Moreover, the animals from the current Carnaval (elephants, zebras..) are going to be in front of the Lion King/Jungle Book float.
That's small infos but keep'em for you ;)
Wow, sounds cool!  I'm glad they're using those Lion King Carnival characters so much, they'll look great in front of a "real" parade.  :D

I guess the shareholder's meeting would be an ideal time to officially announce the 15th Anniversary plans, wouldn't it?  :)


That would maake sence Baloo
Remember Dreams Come True! \":mickey2:\"

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I talked about that possibility the other day, after watching a video of the carnival. The elephants rock and Tokyo uses similar versions in their current parade also (sorry to compare our entertainment with theirs again. :P ) There's so many great outfits in the Carnival that they could easily get extra use of.

I totally aprove this news!
Grab a balloon, come on let\'s go!


Did they announce anything about the parade during the Shareholders Meeting?


There doesn't seem to have been anything said according to most sources, seems odd or maybe it's just Disneyland Resort Paris being sneeky again with making it and want it to be a whole new thing noone knew much about before.


No, nothing at all!

I think they just focused on events of 2005, Buzz, new marketing, and briefly mentioned ToT and Toon Studios...  :(

Is a new parade the kind of thing they would mention at a Shareholder's meeting?  I think they're more likely to announce it to Cast Members, like they did with LOTLK at that special event in late 2003...

It's quite soon, anyway - there's more than 12 months till the parade is rumoured to launch.  :?


I don't know if this is true: an EPC friend told us that a Peter Pan float would be included in the new parade.  Can anyone (Kinoo?) confirm?