Pirate's of the Caribbean - is a change as good as a rest?

Started by mattboywonder, September 30, 2008, 08:32:28 PM

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Not wanting to play devil's advocate but the Paris "Pirate's..." is the only one yet to be enhanced with characters from the movie trilogy.  Is this good thing or a bad thing???

What do we think.

Personally, when I heard about the changes taking place in California I was dissapointed.  I thought they were just pandering to all the people who got off the ride saying "where's Captain Jack" and who didn't know that the ride came FIRST, then the movies.  However, having experienced the upgraded version in Tokyo Disneyland, I was blown away by it.  The changes are subtle and do not detract from the original ride but add to it.  And the audioanimatronic of Captain Jack is amazing - they have really outdone themselves.  But as Paris is the only one left untouched by the movies, I think it would be nice to keep it that way.
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I agree more or less completely, It's the only ride left that the films were based one true enough and it would be nice for nostalgia's sake to keep it as it is, based on original pirate tales. However it would make a change to update it slightly so that kids etc. expecting Captain Jack could see him.
 I think they should keep it all the same apart from replacing some animatronics with modern characters (eg. Barbossa on the ship) and updating the original animatronics to appear more fluid.

 I feel if they changed it too much It may loose some of the true piratey charm.

James. :donald:

NB: If people go on the ride anyway, What's the incentive for euro-disney to update it?


it isnt the case that pirates needs up-dating, it is simply a matter of adapting to public demand. Children who visit the park who have seen the films will assume that potc is a ride based on the movie rather than the other way around. I think that it is therefore reasonable to add a few characters from the movies (a good change would also be converting the galleon which attacks the port into the black pearl) so as to appease new guests. The ride can retain its style and heartwarming familiarity will those who grew up with it and can also meet the expectations of new visitors with a few small changes- nothing too drastic, just a few tweaks and touches.


what about before one of the drop you see a small light and then it darkens and then you see the mans eye that goes "hello poppet".
Then the drop. I think the drop under the bridge is amazing but the one without is jus a plain drop nothing leading up to it.
It was brief idea btw so don't ge worked up about it.


Magic M

After watching the 2-disc DVD of "POTC - COTBP" (sorry about the abbreviation) I watched the fascinating documentary of Walt Disney's personal input into the creation of the original Pirates of the Caribbean ride.

I love seeing the great man himself with original artwork and maquettes and his child-like excitement at his creation taking shape.

Sadly Walt never got to sail on the finished ride...

I like the fact the Paris ride is in keeping with Walt's original vision (albeit in a different order) with one drop into the pirate war and a second drop into the gold-strewn pirate hades!

I understand that all Disney Resorts are run as a business and the Pirates franchise means big business, but surely a "meet & greet" with a Captain Jack lookalike is better for the guests than an animatronic vesion with limited moves and dialogue...?

I have heard theories on enhancing areas of the Adventure Isle and Treehouse to gave them a Pirates theme and this I encourage.

Messing with a classic...?  I wouldn't!

Magic M


I'm not sure what I should think about the additions of the movie characters. I have experienced the updated version in the Magic Kingdom at WDW and I liked the addition of Jack and Barbossa. I have to say that the Paris version is so much better than in Florida, even without the new characters.

During our last stay in September we have ridden POTC every day, because it is one of my favorite attractions. Now I don't want the movie characters in our ride, although they don't change the story very much.


I would had much perfer if the money that ended up going on Space Mountain Mission 2, had instead gone to giving the POTC attraction a huge refurbishment, that would of included the introduction of new characters from the Movie. I too have done the version in Tokyo that features Jack Sparrow and I think the changes are great and add to the experience. Now Mission 2 on the other hand the changes actually some what ruin the overall experience.