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Started by Anthony, September 20, 2008, 06:10:04 PM

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Welcome! You've just discovered THE place to discuss Disneyland Paris. Things are usually as happy here as a ride through "it's a small world", but, to keep it that way, here are a few general guidelines and tips before you begin discussing the magic...

The Basics

Be friendly and family-friendly
It goes without saying that you should treat all members and moderators with respect. Remember that our memberlist spans many ages and countries. OK, so we're never going to all agree on everything, that's the beauty of a discussion forum — just remember that, when you get into those heated Disney debates, you're never aggressive or rude and never use obscene (swear) words or violent language. Before you post something, think about whether it's really suitable for a forum visited by families and children. We're proud that this has always been one of the friendliest, most welcoming places to discuss the magic of Disney.

Moderators mean well
If a topic is moved or closed, a point clarified or a request made by the moderators, don't take it badly! It happens all the time, and it's only in the name of keeping the forum running smoothly. If there should ever be a serious issue with your posts, and we're sure there won't be, we'd contact you by Private Message or send a Warning.

Topics & Posts

Hints and tips about the messages you post...

Don't be afraid!
Here's the best tip of all. If you've got something to say, a question to ask, post it! If it's not related to any topic already open, don't be afraid to start a new one!

Ludwig von Drake says please type with care
It makes the forum so much more appealing to read and join if you make sure you use your best grammar, spelling and punctuation. Please don't post all in lower case and use paragraphs if you've got lots to say.

Simple yet descriptive titles
When you start a new topic, be sure to call it something that clearly describes the content - for example - "Big Thunder Mountain closed for maintenance today" - rather than just "Big Thunder", which can make the forum really confusing. In Trip Reports, it's a great idea to post your trip dates in the title (eg. "5th-7th/09/2009").

Stay on-topic!
There are many sections to the forum, so make sure you post any new topics in the correct area. If you're posting a reply to a topic, make sure your post is relevant — if not, don't be afraid to start a whole new topic.

Official Topics group posts together
We use 'Official Topics' to discuss things like Halloween or the construction of a new attraction in just one place. This prevents having several topics on a single issue. If multiple topics are created for one subject, we may merge them together into one thread — don't be disappointed, this means we're glad to see your post here. If you can't find a topic, but think there might already be one, use our simple Search function to find it.

Avoid short or unnecessary posts
Try to avoid very short posts of just "yes" or "no". If you're posting news photos, we'd also love a quick comment about them too. We'd also prefer you didn't just post to "up" your post count, it's about quality, not quantity.

Always note the source
If you're posting news or rumours, particularly when you're quoting directly from another website, always note the source underneath with either a simple "Source:" or an actual link to the article quoted.


They make the forum colourful and fresh, but please remember...

Don't go Alice-down-the-rabbit-hole BIG
We love you sharing big, crisp images of Disneyland Paris, but please keep any images you embed to below around 2048 pixels (standard Twitter or Facebook sizing), or these will really slow down the forum and spoil the experience for everyone else. If you want to share bigger, share a link to your off-site gallery.

No 'backstage' photos
Photos taken in the "backstage" areas of the resort should not be posted. Not only does this spoil the magic, it could get us - or the person who took the photos - in trouble. This includes pictures of characters not in full costume, maintenance staff and all private areas out of public guest access..

Credit the original photographer
If you post images to show news events or otherwise, please remember to credit the original photographer or post the URL of where you found the photo, it's only fair.

Self Promotion

Want to share your own website or other creations?

Plug your website, it's OK!
We've no problem with you posting a link or small banner for your website, blog or Twitter account (for example) in your signature! However, please keep the size of these as minimal and unobtrusive as possible.

Tell the world about your website
If you want to promote your website or tell forum members about new content you've create with a topic of its own, please do this in the Videopolis board at the bottom of the forum. Here, you're welcome to create a single topic all to yourself and update it intermittently with new updates from your site, ensuring our main forums stay focused on discussion.

A username, not an advert
We kindly ask that usernames are exactly such, and that you do not use any kind of website address as your name. We want to talk to YOU, not a domain name!

Your Account

You and your forum world...

One account per person
You should only open and use one account per person. Different accounts for family members are very welcome, but only if these are used by the family members themselves.

No age limit!
There is no age limit for setting up a forum account. We just ask that, if you're going to post messages, you follow the above ("Posts") rules and write in English. You're very welcome to sign-up and only read posts, but we'd love you to get involved too!

Your name is yours forever
The username you choose when you first register with the forum is with you forever, so please choose wisely! Unfortunately we can't accept requests to change usernames unless for very good reason.

Fill it all in!
Have you completed your profile? Fill in your birth date and your name will pop up at the bottom of the forum homepage when it's your birthday! Add a website URL, social media links or email to make making friends with fellow Disney fans even easier.

Questions, comments, suggestions?
Open a new topic in this board (City Hall), send a Private Message to Anthony or use the general DLP Guide contact page.

Technical or log-in problems?
Send an e-mail to Anthony via the DLP Guide contact page.

We hope you enjoy the forum!