Imagineering The Way: The Unofficial History of MK

Started by adam_goodger, December 09, 2008, 04:02:54 PM

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Well, the moment has finally arrived. After months and months of research, planning and writing Imagineering The Way: The Unofficial History Of The Magic Kingdom is finally available to buy.

The book is priced at £11.99 to buy in print or £6.25 to buy as a download. It is also available in the US for $20.67 to buy or $10.78 to download.

Here is the blurb found on the back of the book:

Have you ever wondered how the most magical place on Earth came about? How The Walt Disney Company turned an area of swap land into one of the most visited attractions in the World? Imagineering The Way: The Unofficial History Of The Magic Kingdom leads you through the early days of the Walt Disney World Resort, all the way to present day. As well as looking in detail at every ride, show or attraction that ever existed in the Magic Kingdom the book brings answers to some of the Disney myths created over the years: Does the castle really lower into the ground to be cleaned? Who is George and why does he reside in Pirates of the Caribbean? Do chocolate chip cookies really exist in Space Mountain? Which ride can you hear the line "I Love Disco!"? Is Walt really cryogenically frozen inside the Magic Kingdom? All of these answers and more can be found inside Imagineering The Way: The Unofficial History Of The Magic Kingdom.

I know many of you are interested in obtaining a copy and that is great news. With Christmas coming up then you will need to order fast. Standard shipping (which is not recommended by the publisher) will not arrive in time for Christmas but you can still order in time for christmas through Express delivery. The closing date for this christmas delivery is December 12th. For those of you in the States the shipping date is the same. You will find all the options when you go through to checkout.

The web address for the book can be found at // There is also a preview of the book on this site. Alternatively you can go to and search for the book itself.

Please do tell as many people about the book as possible. It has been a long, tiring but very enjoyable process and I hope to be able to tell you about my next project very soon. Please do post on here if you have decided to buy one and make sure to leave a review of what your though out it.



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