pandora's box

Started by Jon, October 09, 2006, 11:27:02 AM

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i just found this ride on vekoma's website and it sounds really good, would b great if the could find a space to put 1 in somewhere in dlp!

QuotePandora's Box is a multiple level, themed dark ride, with a sensational ride experience.

The passenger carriers, with their multi-axial freedom of motion, guarantee an intense ride experience and unique interaction with the scenery. The passengers, instead of being mere spectators, will be part of the stories told.

Pandora's Box can be endlessly varied. The total number and layout of the scenery cells is optional. The Ride sequence and vehicle motions are free programmable. The ride experience can vary from high thrill ride to family ride

 The building has a core which consists of an array of cells which are arranged horizontally as well as vertically. Each cell shows an animated scene (physical and/or projected images). Each cell has an open side wall allowing the passengers to view the scene as were it a show box.

Around the circumference of this central block, rails are provided on the ceiling as well as on the floor. The outer walls of the building are closed to darken the interior. Optionally sections of the outer walls, especially on the head of the building, can be equipped with glass, allowing other park visitors to see part of the ride sequence, in order to attract attention

The self propelled vehicle consists of a pole with carriages on top and bottom, guided along a horizontal track, on the circumference of the building core.

A carriage can move vertically along the pole, as well as rotate around the pole. All motions are separately driven by onboard drives and are freely programmable, allowing multiple sequences of motions and combinations of motions.

 Since all vehicle motions are free programmable, there is no such thing as a typical ride sequence. Even within one ride, multiple ride sequences are possible. High trill rides for the young and adventurous, can be varied by more moderate family rides.
If we don\'t have the key, we can\'t open whatever it is we don\'t have that it unlocks. So what purpose would be served in finding whatever need be unlocked, which we don\'t have, without first having found the key what unlocks it?