The New 2006 Brochure

Started by Anthony, December 12, 2005, 05:59:07 PM

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This is a bit late, since it's been available for a while, but I thought I should just say how amazing the new design is!!  It looks SO professional and so upmarket and magical.  It's totally different to previous brochures and I think it'll do a huge amount of good for the resort's publicity.  They've thrown everything from the old design out and started from scratch, so everything is simplified right down to the basics.  They aren't doing the "lets see how many photos we can cram onto one page" job anymore, this time there's lots of space, smaller photos, and a much better design featuring that graphic you can see on the cover below.

If this is the new kind of style for the resort, then WOW - they'll be back in profit in no time!   :lol:  (If only it was that simple - but i can dream!)

Another amazing thing about the brochure is that they heavily feature Buzz Lightyear Laser Blast in it.  They've got the visual of Buzz bursting through the page, and then mention the new attraction in at least three different areas.  It doesn't hit you in the face and go on and on about it, but it's there and I'm sure it'll spark some interest.

Order it now....  They're still giving out the free DVDs with the UK ones too!   :D

Edit: And one more good thing - they're doing away with the annoying Spring/Summer and Autumn/Winter brochures, since this one is just listed as "2006 Brochure".  The two seperate brochures were always confusing and must have lost DLRP customers, as people couldn't book in advance very easily.  It's really to see DLRP making simple changes like this, but ones which should definately help their profits.