WDS To Stay Up Late For Test Weekends In March

Started by dagobert, February 11, 2011, 12:36:41 PM

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DLRPToday posted an article about WDS extending the opening hours from 7pm to 9pm in two weekends in March.

http://www.dlrptoday.com/2011/02/11/wal ... -in-march/

Approaching nine years old, the bedtime rules for Walt Disney Studios Park could finally be about to change. The latest Disneyland Paris park hours show an extended opening schedule for the second gate on the first two weekends of March 2011. As a test, likely to gauge demand and guest feedback, the park will now close at 9pm rather than the usual 7pm on the 5th, 6th, 12th and 13th March. This will surely be a bonus for any fans and if positive could give a tantalising glimpse at a time ahead when the Studios can be enjoyed until nightfall, without the need to join the daily schlep over to Disneyland Park.

The cause for longer hours will have been helped by the three new attractions in Toy Story Playland (not to mention their long queue times), as well as the five other permanent attractions that have been added to the mix since the park's hours were brutally slashed in late 2002. Up until November in its opening year, the park had closed no earlier than 8pm and stayed open through July and August from 9am to 9pm, but this was cut back to a solid 9am to 6pm schedule from 2003 as guest demand fell short and a financial restructuring (largely due to the cost of the park) required cost-cutting. The situation was so bad, you might remember, that Disney offered guests with a 1-Day 1-Park ticket to the Studios complimentary evening access to Disneyland Park after 6pm. It wasn't until the 2007 Toon Studio expansion that the park began to live a little with later 7pm closing times on busy weekends.

But is the park even ready to stay open until 9pm? With just two counter service restaurants and a buffet, and only three stores, Walt Disney Studios Park has a long way to go to match the offer of its neighbour, an important factor as guests stay in the park later into the day. If the demand is there for a later closing time, we have to hope Disney will satisfy the demand for better dining, retail and entertainment that will surely follow.

Like mentioned in the article, there are only two counter service and one buffet service restaurants in the park and only three stores. So there is not enough to do for vivitors except for riding the attractions. I still think that's a good improvement and WDS looks nice when illuminated.


fingers crossed this continues into easter when we are there. I love the Studios at night.
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"I love the Studios at night".

Woah, hang on, you "love" the Studios? :-) We need to frame that and put it up on a wall.


The Studios Park does indeed look a lot better at night. It feels more like a themepark due to the great illumination at night, than during the day. Based on the pictures of some friends, even TSPL looks better during night.

I enjoyed the Studios a lot more at night.


Actually I have always loved the Studios actually, I think Motors Action, ToT, Cinemagique, and Stitch Live is some of Disney's best work anywhere. I like the Art of Animation, Armageddon and RNR Coaster is fun. I used to love the old Lights, Camera, Action Parade. And in opening year where we had the big band in Studio One, and the requests for autographs when you left Studio 1, it was amazing. I do not much like Toon Studios and I HATE TSPL however.
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Agree entirely with DWB here. The actual attractions are great (well maybe not TSPL). And they were to begin with too, apart from the TV channel tour. What I find frustrating about it is that the work need to make the experience of being there feel more like Disney is so minor and relatively cheap and quick to do (Hollywood Boulevard took a matter of weeks as I recall). But they don't bother to do it.
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I think its good that they're actually going to trial it, but I dont think they'll stick with it. As much as I do like the Studios at night, there's still not enough to keep you there that long.

Though I supppose it will be good for the people that dont want to queue up for years during the day.


I hope the trial is a success, would love to be able to stay in the park longer than 6pm.
Tomorrow, tomorrow, I love you, tomorrow,... You're always a day closer to my next Disney trip!


Anyone know how the tests went? I would love for this to be expanded.
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