Cleanliness at DLRP... what do you think? for us

Started by Tinkerbelle, August 08, 2008, 10:38:11 PM

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I have to say the cleanliness of the toilets seems to have constantly improved over the last couple of years - seeing the comments here, I think that is an objetive observation, I had previously thought it might only have been luck.

I think this is the most important area to improve upon too, everything else is kind of secondary, but clean toilets are a must. And they used to be disgusting.

Let's hope they'll start improving other areas, now that they have sorted out the toilets. Overflowing garbage cans were a huge issue in the studios when I was there last, especially in the "La Terasse" area.

That's something I never saw in the states. To be fair though, I've seen a fair share of problems in the Magic Kingdom, especially when it was busy, and that was in 2003 already. Epcot as well - you just had to be in the wrong spot at the wrong time. So while overall the standards are higher, they are nowehere near as impeccable as some people in here make them out to be. I think it's just that it's quite unlikely for European visitors to endure christmas or New Year's at a Disney park in Florida, when they close due to overcrowding and have problems in lots and lots of different areas...


Having just visited DLRP also there is little doubt that they need to sort out their act regarding the cleanliness of the toilets (Bathrooms).
We can make light of it, and I can be the worst offender, but some of them were pretty awful :shock:

The serious point is that there are thousands of children going through these toilets eveyday and their health needs to be considered in this matter........
DLRP simply needs to employ more staff during the busy periods, I didn't see one cm in any of the toilets while I was there but I did see plenty of overflowing toilets...
It isn't acceptable in such a wonderful place.

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Agreed. However WDW has really slipped over the last 8 years, shocking really. I am glad to say Disneyland in California is still near perfect however.

But yes, though there are a lot of pigs/corchon/swein in DLP, more cast members on it would help greatly. It is sad when Legoland Windsor has cleaner toilets than DLP when Disney is reknowned for their cleanliness.
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We found the cleanliness pretty good when we visited last year, but it was out of season so bins and toilets were not being used as much as they would be in the summer season.
davewasbaloo, I'm suprised that you think the cleanliness in WBW is so badly lacking. The last time we were there, in 2005, the place was pretty much spotless. Busch gardens, n the other hand, I was appalled by - I went in to change into some dry things after a water ride and there was not one surface I was happy to even put my backpack down on - just disgusting. Apparently the gents was even worse.


i have always found its very clean over there but i have only been out of season. infact a went with a 3 others once before and of of them actualy commented that one of the reasons he loved it so much was becaues it was clean and tidy and the floors were not littered with garbage, gum, and cigarette butts.

The smell in the loo's defently needs to be tackled though, i dont normaly find the toilets to be dirty just smelly but i always try and use the ones that are sort of hidden out of the way & again im always there out of season so its probably 100X worse during the summer.


I Love the fact that disneyland paris is so lovely and clean! That is one of the reasons why me and my family love it so much. All the other themeparks like blackpool and Flamingoland are quite scruffy! x
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Quote from: "Rain"davewasbaloo, I'm suprised that you think the cleanliness in WBW is so badly lacking. The last time we were there, in 2005, the place was pretty much spotless.

I too was very surprised. The Studios and Animal Kingdom were very clean. Epcot was patchy. But the MK was filthy - black muck on the paths, overflowing bins, sticky tables at the Columbia Harbour House, and filthy (by Disney standards) toilets.

I was shocked, especially when I was in DLP in a busy June 6 months later and it was cleaner in Paris than Fla!
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Quote from: "Maarten"A bit offtopic, I don't want to stereotype, but on most times when I noticed a guest behaving badly, it was quite obvious from which country they came from, even in the hotel (burping loudly in the lounge, letting kids scream and run around during breakfast etc.).

UK?  :lol:

Inside the toilets do they have those paper rotas where it tells you what time they cleaned?
This could help as if they were really dirty and they hadnt been cleaned in 30 minutes maybe that shows that there needs to be cleaned every 15 mins. Just a suggestion.
And whoever suggested those automatic sprays for the toilets is a good idea. Least it would hide the smell for a couple of minutes. Maybe have it going of every 5 minutes  :P


Quote from: "Owain"UK?  :lol:

 Now whatever gave you that idea?  :wink:



I've not been since 2004, but I've been about 4 times and the cleanliness was always good in my opinion.

Well apart from one visit to Blue Lagoon where the "clean" table we were sat on was smeared in chocolate, as were the cutlery. They'd obviously just cleared the table and put new napkins and cutlery on without wiping the table down, but in the dark light, they obviously didnt see the chocolate. Unacceptable though. That was the same visit we walked out of the Blue Lagoon because as well as poor service from someone who didnt smile or speak hardly any English, it took 40 minutes for our starter, and over an hour waiting for main course... we left before it came out... when it took over 30 minutes to get a Fanta, and someone from Pirates of the Caribbean threw something at us (which slid under the table) that was the final straw.

Hopefully it's improved, our first visit there was amazing, and tasty fewds!

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Someone in a boat threw something at you  :shock: Wow. That's, well... I'm in loss for words.
I know guest behavior can be very strange sometimes. But this is absolutely outrageous  :evil:  :evil:  :evil:

In the first week of june DLP was very clean. CMs were running around with dustpans and brooms. If there was any dirt, they were even faster than the sparrows. I even saw a big oneman road sweeper, cleanig up at Central Plaza.

No strange smells at the toiletts.
No full wastebaskets.
No dirty tables.

Only thing that I thought was quiet funny. Streamers almost everywhere in the trees.
Sure, with MMP five times a day and the wind blowing very strong, it's hard to catch every streamer that is flying away. :lol:
But it seemd to me, they didn't even put them down over night. On the day we arrived, we could make use of EMH, so it was 8:00 a.m. and the trees around the castle stage where covered with streamers. No MMP at that time => old streamers.


this year was a real mixed bag (last week of May). The floors, bins, and queues were the cleanest I have seen in years and there were loads of sweepers. The counter service restaurants were very good about cleaning tables too.

But the toilets were the filthiest I have ever seen in a Disney park anywhere. In some of the gents, only one urinal was unclogged.
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To be honest I think they do a great job considering how many guests there are on a daily basis making a mess.

ok sometimes tables aren't cleared quickly and the toilets don't always smell like a bunch of roses but then again do they anywhere? :P

They must hire so many cleaners to keep the park as well as they do! :o

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However aveen, compared to the standards they used to have or that of the California and Japanese parks, the standards are low at DLP (until recently - the toilets were terrible, but there were fantastic sweeping activity again)
since 2001 (many before that)


Quote from: "davewasbaloo"However aveen, compared to the standards they used to have or that of the California and Japanese parks, the standards are low at DLP (until recently - the toilets were terrible, but there were fantastic sweeping activity again)

I haven't been to the other parks so I'm not comparing, just what I have seen the past few years. I guess it could be better but I don't get too hooked up on it.
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