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Le Roi Lion at Mogador... thumbs up!!!! ;D

Author Topic: Le Roi Lion at Mogador... thumbs up!!!! ;D  (Read 1377 times)


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Le Roi Lion at Mogador... thumbs up!!!! ;D
« on: August 08, 2008, 08:48:32 PM »
We went to the August 2nd (3PM) performance and it was WONDERFUL
Jeremy Fontanet wasn't Simba, and Rafiki was replaced as well but still all of the cast was way beyond our expectations! I can't say much about the performance since everything is said in many online comments, but the costumes, the makeup, music, orchestra, singers, dancers, everything was awesome!. Some things were particularly well done and well designed, like the stampede part... very smartly done (if that's a word)
The Mogador theatre is just beautiful though it seemed small to us, compared to other disney theatres we've been to.
The play was beautifully done, great acting though we don't understand much french. The interpretation of the songs was very well done, and Scar and Zazu stole the show.
Timon dances a can-can tune instead of the luau of the movie, and zazu sings a french tune instead of "it's a small world" from the movie
I recommend it to everyone, but specially to those who decide to go to Paris for a day visit from DLRP, it's really worth it. We found that even an hour before the performance there were some tickets available. The Mogador is just 150 meters away from the Galleries Lafayette at Haussman Boulevard, so it's really close to all of the Paris shopping and entertainment

As for the merchandise there's not a lot to buy, I remember visiting the theater in which the lion king played in L.A. and there was a lot of merchandise available but here there was just a small amount. I got a Simba plush toy, the program, and the special edition CD

We came back to Spain on Aug 6th hoping to get a flight to London to see tomorrow's West End performance (just to say how much we loved the musical we wanted to compare versions!) but I realised that I need a visa to enter UK (I got a residence permit in Spain but I'm argentinian so I need visa) so... we're heading for Madrid to see Beauty and the Beast instead...

After many years of wanting to see the lion king we finally got to see it! and now we'll be going to Beauty and the Beast after seeing it in Buenos Aires back in 1998 (I think that was the year)
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