Christmas ReImagineering of "Once Upon A Dream"

Started by AmericanMouse, August 08, 2008, 07:01:09 AM

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Since the "Once Upon a Dream" Halloween Villains' Nightmare Layover is getting some good comments, I'll start the Christmas Layover, titled the "Once Upon a Christmas Parade".

To be excused from the winter holiday layover will be Dreams of Power (the villains' float) and Dreams of Adventure (Jungle Book/Lion King); however, characters from those films will be following the Big Eight (Mickey, Minnie, Donald, Daisy, Goofy, Pluto and Chip 'N' Dale). For this event, there will be new lyrics to the title song, retitled "It's Just Like Christmas" for the event, and is in the proposed Halloween Layover, there will be no show stops or scents coming from the floats.

The layover will be a Christmas/Winter theme; think giant marching Christmas tree, ice skating rink, etc.  The opening float remains the same, but with a "Once Upon a Christmas" sign, and the Big Eight wearing Christmas-themed outfits (Victorian Era like Mickey's Christmas Carol).  This would be followed by the Rocking Float Horse and Toy Soldier band (Yes, it would be a band, not a marching unit.)

Laughter and Fun is followed by a hugenormous - is there such a word as "hugenormous"? - rolling Christmas Tree, then Friendship, Fantasy, Romance (with Ariel now in her human form and Tiana replacing her in the front for 2009, and in 2010, Rapunzel on the swing as Jasmine moves to the second part with Ariel) and last but not least, Father Christmas/Pere Noel/Santa Claus. Dancers would adjoin the floats in all cases like Gingerbread Cookies, snowflakes and such.  To top it all off, it's going to snow (via snow machines) through the parade route when Santa arrives.

There you have it.  Likes, dislikes?  Better ideas?  Feel free to post them!


I really like the idea !  =D> execept the lyric for "It's just like we dreamed it", you could never sing "It's just like christmas" on that melody ;) would be alot better if it were "It's just like it's christmas" :) but that's a detail. ;) Great job!
It\'s just like we dreamed it
As far as I can see
It\'s just like we dreamed it
As good as good can be
And I know it\'s so much better
\'Cause we dreamed it up together
Just like we dreamed it, to life! Magically...


Annual passport holder! FANTASY!


I tried in some cases to pattern some of the events off Anaheim Disneyland's "Christmas Fantasy" parade with the soldiers band, huge dancing Christmas tree and such into this layover.  By taking the Villains and Jungle Book/Lion King float out of the winter holiday layover (the villians will have theirs in the "Nightmare" layover previously mentioned in these threads) and rearranging the float order to add the Christmas elements within, will make for a amazing winter exhibition.

As for Rapunzel being on the swing in 2010, the style of that movie will be based on that painting that inspired the first part of "Dreams of Romance".