BURN-E (Pixar Short)

Started by Anthony, July 31, 2008, 06:34:49 PM

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No, not a WALL-E sequel, but a new short for the DVD release:

QuotePixar confirms BURN-E; announcement coming soon

Less than one hour ago, a member of the Pixar publicity team was finally able to officially confirm for me that BURN-E will indeed be the extra short film included on the WALL-E DVD/Blu-ray (in stores this November). The person informed me that a "consumer announcement" regarding the short (and presumably the WALL-E DVD) "should be coming out shortly".

Of course, BURN-E has been all but confirmed before this. Since the title was leaked late last month, we've learned that BURN-E is the welder robot who gets locked out of the Axiom in WALL-E. Thus, the short will likely feature him trying to find his way back in.
It sounds hilarious already. :mrgreen:


Thanks for posting Anthony  :mrgreen:
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Totally Awesome... Thanks Ant.. Give me the Blu-Ray NOW!!  :mrgreen:


Quote from: "Captain Pan"Totally Awesome... Thanks Ant.. Give me the Blu-Ray NOW!!  :mrgreen:

Me too, me too!!!

Sounds good  :D