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Started by Remco K., July 21, 2008, 06:54:28 PM

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They said they'd been working on this attraction for five years, and you can tell! It's a shame about the cardboard cut-outs, but I can't think of any alternatives.
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The mirror effect is astounding, I don't even know how it works.. there's no seam in the wall below the mirror, or in the mirror itself. The stretching frame I assume is pushed out from the centre/pulled down similar to the Phantom Manor stretching portraits.

The only way I can figure the door is that when the lights dim the mirror slides down/up and the doorway is behind that.. it's a bafflingly well done effect!
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Just got back from my first trip to Florida. It was great to finally visit another Disney resort, nothing like being to compare!

Anyway, one thing that I did find very strange, was the weird merge between Fantasyland and Tomorrowland. There is like no divide at all, and the Speedway runs right up in between the Teacups and Dumbo. I found it very strange to be honest. Its basically like standing in the same land, but with different themes.


I agree with Martyn, the divide between the two lands is really bad, just nothing between them. It felt very un-Disney to me, maybe I've just been to spoilt with Paris :P

I was one of the very lucky peeps that got to go into Enchanted Tales with Belle. OMG, that Mirror effect, my brain just can't compute how they've done it, it is simply the most magical thing I've ever seen.

Unfortunately for me I was picked to take part in the show, I don't do participation but you can't really say no, right? It was actually the most fun I've ever had, I can see how those cut-outs look cheap but there is no other practical way of doing it, unless you properly dressed everyone up which would just take too long. They were nice and lightweight to hold though, still a burden if you're a guard (like I was) as you actually stand there holding it for the entire thing.

I thought that it weirdly brought a huge group of peeps together and the cast members were amazing at keeping everyone in high spirits and having a good laugh. I got the feeling that people not chosen to take part may have been a bit disappointed about not getting their picture taken with Belle though, I can see some kids getting a bit too upset by this.

Still the details throughout the entire attraction are just amazing, such a fantastic addition to the park.
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I want to visit New Fantasyland but I think it won't happen before 2015.


Yeah in 2015 the expansion will be complete with the new seven mine train attraction. I ve visited disneyworld 4 years ago and i cant wait to visit it again.  Their has been so much changes around and the new fantasyland looks just awesome!
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