Euro Disney Preview Centre (pictures)

Started by GrandiJoos, October 29, 2008, 06:17:28 PM

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Some of you might know that before the opening of Euro Disneyland (now known as Disneyland Resort Paris) there was a preview centre where people could see what was being build.

I found a picture album with pictures of this centre, past and present (be prepared!).
(thnx to filipv from

I hate to see the state that the building is in at the moment. And I would love to see it becoming the 'future projects of DLRP preview centre'!!!
What do you think?

GrandiJoos  8)

The Butlin Boy

I was wondering what happened to that building, it's such a shame to see it in that condition :cry:

I would love to see a 'future projects of DLRP preview center' in the future, but it'd have to be in the resort complex instead (e.g. The main hub, or Disney Village, or maybe even the Studios). It seems even more likely that it could happen as well, especially seeing as Imagineering have just opened one in DCA for it's future expansion plans.

Of course, it depends on what they have in mind for the future, and how big it is as to whether they could do it or not... :wink:


I'd assume that Euro Disney SCA don't own that property/land any longer.   I make that assumation as I can't imagine them allowing it to fall into that condition - hardly does anything to 'improve' relations with the local residents in that area.

Any idea what the property next door is? (to the right providing I'm looking at the correct coords in Google Earth!)




It´s sad to see how this building looks today.

A Preview Centre (like this blue sky cellar) would be a great idea. But for me it shouldn´t be located at this old area. In the center would be cool. Maybe at the village with a little the past - today - the future expo. I would even pay a little entrance price for this. Let´s say between 1 and 5 Euros.

Such a centre is a great idea GrandiJoos. Maybe something for the imagineering forum? =D>
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Ghehe, I'm not that good in 'imagineering' but I'm curious about what you make of it ;)

I've read that the building was used as a youth centre once the park opened, might explain the graffiti and broken walls... I'm just glad that its not located near the resort, spoils the magic...

GrandiJoos :cool:


Thanks for sharing those pictures GrandiJoos, I've never seen those before, I didn't know there was an actual preview centre at the time either, but it's a shame to see what's happened to it now.   :shock:


i eventually found it on Google maps

Its about 3 KM south of the RER Station at DLRP.

Follow the tracks south and then east a little.  It looks like the ground is all dug up now!!!


thanks a lot for the link, it's really interesting to see how the imagened this Disneyland.


#8 ... 4&t=h&z=18

a direct link to the place
what kind of upsets me is if you zoom right to the entrance, you'll see the hat on the floor as if it's just been torn off.


Wow! Ive always wondered what the preview centre looked like and what was contained in it :). But to be honest i always thought it wasnt a reall building just a quick built one some where much closer to DLRP and when it closed i thought they just took it down  :lol:


Quote from: "Javey74"Thanks for sharing those pictures GrandiJoos, I've never seen those before, I didn't know there was an actual preview centre at the time either, but it's a shame to see what's happened to it now.   :shock:

I didn't know it exsisted either. It is such a shame that it's now just abandoned. Even though I don't agree with Graffiing property like that, some of the work is good, its a pity the people who did this didn't put their artistic talents to something better and legal  :wink:

thanks for posting the pictures they are great!

Aveen xxx
Luv Aveen xoxo

Hathaway Browne

Nice to see what the Centre looked like before. I'll be honest, although it was probably good in person, it looks a little underwhelming.

And I'm absolutely disgusted that its been allowed to fall into such a state.
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