No Easter Festival next year?

Started by Anthony, October 21, 2005, 06:03:14 PM

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I've just been working on a "Seasons" page for my website, and something keeps bugging me - there's nothing mentioned *anywhere* about the Easter Festival next year.

In the official brochure, on the official website, in other brochures, on the UK's travel agents website - nothing!  Everything else from Magic Unlimited to Grease is mentiond, but Easter is nowhere to be seen.  (just incase you're new and don't know about the season: last year it ran from the end of the Kids Carnival until the New Attraction opening (Mission 2).)

Could they simply not know dates yet, or will the festival not be running?  It'd be a huge shame since they worked so hard to expand it into a proper season last year.  It could just be that they feel it isn't big enough to be mentioned, but I'm sure lots of people would visit because of an Easter celebration, whereas they might not do so for events in Disney Village like St. Patrick's Day and St. David's Day (which are mentioned everywhere).

It could just be that Easter will be included in the Spring/Summer brochure and announced when that is released, but if anyone knows more about Easter next year, please let me know!  Otherwise, feel free to speculate about why the season isn't mentioned anywhere...   :?


Yeah Baloo, this is weird..  :?   I liked the Wonderland show last year.