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Started by Kristof, July 08, 2008, 01:16:30 AM

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Quote from: "Kristof"
QuoteOh thanks raptor :)
It must have been another ride we have which WDW, DLR and TDL had but got changed.
Ill try think of it...

Pirates of the Caribbean perhaps?  :D
Ahh thanks raptor,
Which reminds me i need to open a topic about what a member on Theme park review posted about DLRP

Here is the link; //http://www.photosmagiques.com/forum/viewtopic.php?f=3&t=5199


Quote from: "Kristof"Lol MinniesBestPal, relax... These are all rumours & gossip.  99% is probably never going to happen.

Aww.... :(


Quote from: "MinniesBestPal"
Quote from: "Kristof"Lol MinniesBestPal, relax... These are all rumours & gossip.  99% is probably never going to happen.

Aww.... :(

Well, the topic title kinda gave it away...  :wink:


Quote from: "Kristof"
Quote from: "MinniesBestPal"
Quote from: "Kristof"Lol MinniesBestPal, relax... These are all rumours & gossip.  99% is probably never going to happen.

Aww.... :(

Well, the topic title kinda gave it away...  :wink:

Yeah but I was hoping they'd be true...


I know this belongs actually in the rumour-topic but since disneyandmore.blogspot.com is a really trustable source I give this it's own topic!

Here it is, the big Disneyland Paris update you are all waiting for. Today, we are going to talk about DLP future, new attractions at the Magic Kingdom and the WDS, Hotels, Disney Village, etc... First, i have to say, that nothing about DLP future has been announced officially yet. It's still rumors, but let's say that it is "strong" rumors, and most of what i reveal today will probably be built in the next five years - let's say between 2009 and 2013. That said, let's go, and let's begin by the Walt Disney Studios.

As we know, the WDS is the biggest concern for DLP management as the park still need an expansion, even if the Toon Studio, The Tower of Terror, Stitch Live! and the Hollywood Blvd decor were already strong improvements.

The Hollywood Blvd will be expand in a soon future, which mean that the Tram Tour Station will move, as it is expected. Talking about the Tram Tour, a new major and big scene should be added, on the "PIrates of Caribbean" theme and if it's built, you can expect spectacular pyrotechnic effects. No details yet on what will be the decor, but why not a battle between two ships with cannons, and all the "booms" one can expect from that kind of scene? This will be great, and with some luck this new POTC scene could see the appearance of the Johnny Depp / Jack Sparrow and Geoffrey Rush / Barbossa Audio-Animatronics - as they didn't put them inside the POTC attraction.

Read more at //http://disneyandmore.blogspot.com/2008/08/disneyland-paris-update-all-about-dlp.html

So :

* Studio Tram Tour Update
* Toy Story Mania  :D (but not in Toon Studio? What the?)
* 3 little attractions for Toon Studio
* Ratatouille Darkride with Winnie the Pooh System
* Little Mermaid (DCA style)
* New Fantasy Festival stage
* Star Tours 2 update
* Indiana Jones or Splash Mountain (but without the Song of the south theme)
* New wings at the hotels (no new hotel)
* New restaurants in the Village


Japper, I get your point, but I have merged it into the Rumours topic none the less, since nothing is confirmed yet.  If these projects are in fact confirmed, they will each receive their own topic anyway (if this hasn't happened already).  :wink:

Edit: I've updated your conclusion list:

* Hollywood Boulevard extension and new Studio Tram Tour station
* Pirates of the Caribbean scene in Studio Tram Tour
* Toy Story Mania (Replacing Armageddon OR between Cinémagique - Disney Channel)
* Toon Studio expansion with smaller Pixar themed attraction (Toy Story or The Incredibles)
* Ratatouille Darkride with the Tokyo Winnie the Pooh System in Toon Studio
* Removal of Fantasy Festival Stage
* The Little Mermaid dark ride from DCA behind Fantasyland Station
* Storybook Theatre between Fantasyland and Discoveryland
* Star Tours 2 update
* Indiana Jones or Splash Mountain with new theme
* New wing(s) and pool at Disneyland Hotel
* New cabbin block(s) at Disney's Sequoia Lodge
* Starbucks and Earl of Sandwhich at Disney Village


Don't you think the location of Toy Story Mania is a bit weird? Finally we have a toon studio with pixar based attractions, and then they place a attraction that perfect fits to the theme in another land?


From what I've heard that gossip is just some pile of Mickey balloons backstage...  :wink:   A few months ago he also claimed that TSM would be build in Backlot between Rock ''n Roller Coaster and Moteurs... Action.  

By the way, I was told the exact same information one month ago, but I was asked to keep this quiet, which I did. (Unless you count the numerous hints I've dropped spread over the board...  :lol: )  The person who told me said these were all rumours, collected from several sources at the Resort.  

However, don't get me wrong... I'm not calling Alain a liar, I'm just saying these are just rumours... for now.


Well I can't waith till DLRP finally announces it's expansion plans! The last few years following the constructions of Toon Studio and Tower of Terror were great. :)


Now, isn't this some nice fodder for the rumour mill?

There are quite a few things that I find very likely (Star Tours 2, a new E-ticket ride for DLP), likely (Little Mermaid, Ratatouille, new hotel wings), plausible (a new theatre for Fantasyland) - and quite unlikely (Toy Story Mania).

But looking at all those rumours and all those hints that have been dropped lately one thing should be pretty clear: good times are coming   8)


i really want star tours 2, does anyone think paris will get this??? surely they would leave it to the americans


Wouldn't a POTC scene in the Tram Tour defeat the point of the ride in Disneyland !!! I mean ships firing cannons over your head , I think that is in the original ride isn't it ?
Maybe they could add scenes from Small World using this theory ,taking scenes from another ride and putting them in the Studios next door !!! We will have to see !


I would like to see an european version of Duckburg, like in Walt Disney World. you know? Ihave seen manny pictures of that, on the web, and it looks really cool to me.
The Indiana Jones adventure actraction would be nice too;)


No mention about Mickey's Philharmagic coming to Paris?
Pity...  :(

I thought that this attraction was developed with the purpose of rolling it out to several other Disney Resorts (wasn't that the reason why they choose Donald as a main character because his quacking is universal in every language?? ;) ).

Anyway, a great list of new rumours to focus on the upcoming years (although some of the rumours ar not my cup of tea...)
No touchy!


hmm a lot of exciting rumours but maybe to much thats why a lot don´t come to daylight  :(

but if i can choose i would like to see the indiana jones adventure in adventureland and make a whole place with indy...

we waited for splash now 15 years so now we can wait til the 25th  :P

i love to see the little mermaid darkride but in our old concept not the dca style....

and the hollywood boulevard extension is needed cuz a lot of peeps in other forums think
we just have the space like it is now  :twisted:

and to make a new rumour here is something i found about a new hotel!!