Being a Cast Member at Disneyland Resort Paris

Started by A Happy Dream, June 28, 2008, 02:44:05 AM

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A Happy Dream

Hello!!!  :wink:

I found an amazing video on youtube about Cast Members from Disneyland Resort Paris.

The video was made with different Cast Members speaking different languages; english, french, spanish and some portuguese (only one sentence, but it's ok).  :P

The friendly boys and girls explain what it looks like to work at Disneyland and how each one of them express their feelings for what they do at the park.

It's a great video, very emotional and funny! I hope that one day, I will make part of that team.  :)

Here is the video!


Hugs and Kisses



An interesting little video :wink:

Epcot_Boy :ears:



aw that was really nice!! Thanks for posting that!:)

Aveen xxx
Luv Aveen xoxo


That video is now over a year old and has been posted before here actually.   :)