The Tram Tour crossing Hollywood Boulevard

Started by pussinboots, June 16, 2008, 10:13:05 PM

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I was just thinking; once the backdrops are gone and Hollywood Boulevard gets its fabled extension, there is the Tram Tour route to deal with. Unless they drastically reroute it, it will need to cross the boulevard somehow. Some of you might remember a sketch from Imagineering from a few years ago, depicting the ToT at the end of this boulevard, with the Tram Tour crossing it either via an elevated overpass or an underground tunnel -- I can't remember which.

So I've decided a tunnel would be the way to go. Right? The overpass would be rather arbitrary and intrusive in such a central spot, not to mention reminiscent of lesser parks. The tunnel however could really work out for the Tram Tour itself. Imagine if your tram went underground into a short dark ride-style section, reminiscent of the animation exhibits at DCA's Animation pavilion. Think Grand Canyon Diorama, but befitting the behind-the-magic studio theme.

It might sound awfully far-fetched, but this is something they'll need to deal with anyway -- why not make the best of it?


What about the San Fransisco Bridge like they have for the monorail in DCA?


Quote from: "Japper"What about the San Fransisco Bridge like they have for the monorail in DCA?

Well, seeing as they're planning to replace it, perhaps one man's trash is another man's treasure.


Please NO!!!

its ok for America but not for Paris, wheres the class and culture!! We dont want any more of their trash!
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Am I the only one that actually likes that bridge? (and some other parts from DCA like their rapid ect.)


I don't mind the bridge but i see one problem, its the Hollywood Boulevard, not San Francisico.  The bridge would look out of place, maybe a tunnel you go under to walk to the other side.
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or.. they could move it back a bit, plenty of room to play with...
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Quote from: "Nicholas-c"or.. they could move it back a bit, plenty of room to play with...

They could, if they only extend Hollywood Blvd. by a tiny bit, but any remotely decent expansion would require the Tram Tour route to cut into the bit of forest area, which I don't think they're allowed to do. It would also allow Tram Tour riders to see the immediate backstage area of whatever buildings they're planning for the Blvd, and would not take future expansion plans into consideration. Sort of like the Disneyland (CA) Railroad tracks have moved around umpteen times over the past 53 years. Ultimately, it would probably be more of a headache for Imagineering than the tunnel/overpass idea.

Also, again, that sketch; a plan for this has been drawn up at least once.