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Started by Kristof, June 23, 2005, 06:57:03 PM

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The Share a Dream Come true parade - also know as the Snowglobes parade - has been running at WDW for quite some years.  Since last year, rumours are popping up that the parade will be moved to Paris in the future.  Know we all know what happened with Fantillusion when that came from Tokyo.  Many floats weren't bought.

Now I was wondering, what would happen if this parade comes to Paris.  What floats wouldn't be included on its journey to Paris?

So here's the original line up.  

1 ) The opening float with title and "young Walt".

2 ) The Mickey Float and the brooms from Fantasia.

3 ) Pinocchio and Snow White float

4 ) Aladdin and Dumbo float

5 ) The Villains float

6 ) Cinderella Float

7 ) Beauty and the Beast float

8 ) Ariel & Eric float

9) Castle float with Peter Pan

Photos by Jeff Moxley at http://www.mouseplanet.com


I think there are only nine floats, so they gonna buy all of them...

otherwise would be very small parade or??

Sweet Laker

Yeah, i think one can assume they will buy all of the cars. I mean you cant make a Parade out of five cars for example. Offcourse it could be possible, but I dont think it deserve's the name Parade any longer.


:shock: :D The Villain's float is brilliant! :) All the others are gorgeous too though...and since there's only 9, I think they can afford to send all of them over...


Thanks for posting this, I've never really bothered to properly look into this parade and have only seen a few short clips on the WDW planning DVD.  The floats look very very nice, but there's still something I don't quite like about it.  I think it's simply the fact that they're in snowglobes which creates a barrier between the guest and the characters and doesn't make it quite so amazing and real as the WWODP, for example.  Also, the floats seem surprisingly small for a WDW parade.  They look more like the Disney Cinema Parade floats - I think for DLP they should go in the direction of big (but not Imaginations big) floats, since small floats like these won't have much of an impact in a place like DLP.

I'm surprised there are only 9 floats, though.  I guess DLRP's parades aren't that short at all compared to other resorts' parades then.  As has been said, the fact that there's only 9 floats means we'd be very likely to get them all.

As interesting as this rumour is, I'm not entirely convinced that this parade would work well for Disneyland Park.  It would definately be cheaper than a new parade, and the floats are very detailed and well designed, but I think DLP needs a daytime parade that's big and bold - magical and over the top all in one, with a nice mix of old and new characters.  Basically, they need a proper, brand new, fairly big parade, and not Share A Dream Come True, which would seem like more of a quick fix IMO.


You forgot to mention dancers!  There are none in that parade (although not that I can make off in the pictures).  Parade dancers have always played an important part in parades at DLRP.


Quote from: "raptor1982"You forgot to mention dancers!  There are none in that parade (although not that I can make off in the pictures).  Parade dancers have always played an important part in parades at DLRP.

Yeah!  I thought they might just not be visible in those photos, but when I've seen clips of this parade the dancers haven't really been all that noticeable...  :(

I now hope even more that the "MAGIC On Parade" rumours are correct over the "Share A Dream Come True" ones...  :wink:


I've been talking to 2 EPC cm's who don't know each other and they both told me that a new parade is actually in the talks.  Both mentioned the 15th anniversary but one said they were also investigating a new parade for next summer.


Yeah, I'd say a new parade must DEFINATELY be arriving in either 2006 or 2007, it just depends on whether they decide they desperately need it for 2006 or if they can hold off *another* year and use it as the focus of the 15th Anniversary celebrations (which will probably be overshadowed by WDS' 5th either way)...


Hello I've just registered on this forum, so this is my first post.

I really hope that DLRP excel themselves and create an all new parade, I really don't think that the Share Dream Come True Parade fits with our Disneyland Park for some reason :? . The parade just looks so small and I'm sure if DLRP put their minds to it they can create a spectacular new parade that will do the 15th Anniversairy justice!



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what do you think about the walt disney parades of dreams ??

it´s a fantastic paradewith great music and a lot of fantastic ideas as the puppets from pinocchio....

watch the video on goldencelebration.comm

í think it´s great and would perfectly fit in the paradetradition of disney




Parade of Dreams would be cool, but isn't it supposed to be hard to maintain since apparently Disneyland are having problem with the animatronic parts of it so how would this be any good for Paris :lol: .  Although i can't see SAD being so great either, plus Disneyland will have POD for a quite a while yet wouldn't you suspect?


Well, i think that Share a Dream Come True should go to Paris until they think of a fantastic parade as extravagant as the Parade of Dreams and The WOnderful WOrld of Disney Parade. I think Disneyland will keep Parade of Dreams, just as it kept the Parade of the Stars.

BUT I HAVE ONE QUESTION, isn't the Share a Dream Come True floats bigger than that?
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