How does one become an Imagineer?

Started by MizzRabbit, May 20, 2008, 12:07:50 PM

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Does anyone know?

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Remco K.

When you search for this question on Google, many results are given. I found one answer very interesting:

QuoteOne more thought on this thread....

So many times on so many Disney message boards does the question of "how do i become an Imagineer?" come up. In this day in age we all want a simple cut and dry A,B,C, and D and you'll be an Imagineer. It's not that easy. If you read any of the Disney Imagineering books they say that there's no magical formula to become an Imagineer. If you speak to Imagineers, which I have spoken with over 20 Imagineers in all different departments ranging from R&D, Creative Designs and Concepts, Show Producer, Architecture Department, Show Writer, Human Resources, College Relations, Diversity Managers....they ALL have different stories of how they ended up working for WDI and becoming and Imagineer.

My thoughts and opinions on this topic are mainly suggestions on how to better promote yourself when time comes to set forth and take on the adventure in becoming an Imagineer. Everybody on here and the other message boards have the same goal but each of us will take different paths to reach our dreams. It's hard work, it was Walt himself that said dreams don't come true overnite. They take a lot of hard work and ambition.

All i can do is share my experiences and describe the steps I have taken to personally better my chance in making my dreams come true. It hasn't been easy and a lot of hard work and outside time has been spent for me to get this far. I wish good luck to all of you whose dreams are becoming an Imagineer one day. Remember to Do, Dream and Diversify!!!!
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Another answer:

QuoteAnyone can believe they're an Imagineer in their mind and come up with great ideas, but unfortionately that's as far as they'll ever get.
If you want good chances for actually becoming one, you'll obviously have to work for it, and it will take a lot of work.
First comes education, whatever level you are now, be on top of everything, even your mandatory classes like English, math, History, etc., along with electives, like, I would suggest art and architexture.
Don't neglect any class, if you're a top student, you have a much better chance at getting in a good college or University that have your path desires.
Just don't mess up now, because school for most people now, even if it doesn't seem, will matter in the future when it comes to getting out in life.
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There used to be a very informative site on Walt Disney Imagineering at //, but unfortunately, this site seems to have disappeared.