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Started by fortherone, August 19, 2005, 02:56:41 PM

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It was the 9th time we went to DLRP and fortunately we were in Paris too! Having spent 3 wonderful days at the Seine-borders, we went to our Mercure-hotel at Logne, a good choice! But I never have seen the park so overcrowded. So we went to the stuios the first day, changed our programm and went to Fontainebleau, to some shoppingcenters (Noisy-Le-Grand, Centre commercial MlV and another one), we even thought of going back to Paris! From around 6 o'clock it was much better in the park and I have had time enough to take some fotos. "Wishes" was great, but for me nerly impossible to fotograph... and pin-trading: I have gad the feeling, that all cms had the same pins on their lanyards, luckily there was the daily pinboard...

As our passport annuel has expired now, this will be the last pics for a longer time, 5 times DLRP in one year has been enough for us - we'll go back, when we miss the magic, next year we plan to see the Emirates and other parts of France, but who knows if in one year we've changed our minds?!?

Edit: To see the pics, follow the link in my signature, it's "sommer 2005"!
Beste Grüße von Heimo

some pics, free for private use


wow, again great pictures!!!!!  :D


Really nice pictures. I like the nostalgie pictures of Phantom Manor a lot.
Oh Boy ! \":mickey2:\"