The Imagineering Dining Experience

Started by Remco K., May 09, 2008, 06:22:54 PM

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Remco K.

As we all know, Imagineering is the place were all Disney park related things come to life. Over all those years lots of concepts and technical devices have been developed. A few documentaries give a nice inside view of Imagineering. But now you no longer have to watch your TV screen to watch these documentaries. Experience the power of Walt Disney Imagineering while enjoying a nice meal at The Imagineering Dining Experience.

The host of the experience is TIDE (abbreviation for The Imagineering Dining Experience), an animatronic figure similar to robotic characters as Timekeeper and Tom Morrow.

TIDE introduces himself to the guests: "Hi there folks! My name is TIDE, which is short for The Imagineering Dining Experience. The Imagineers couldn't come up with a proper name for me, so TIDE it is!" TIDE laughs a bit about his own joke and continues: "For many years Disney has amazed guests with true magic. But even magic has a backstage story. So sit back, enjoy your diner, and let us show you around in the wonderful world of Walt Disney Imagineering!"

Most lights go out and the walls of the restaurant start to twinkle. The tables give a soft light. The half round seats (all faced towards TIDE and a large screen behind him) have speakers build in the back seats, which plays the audio of the show in a chosen language. Only TIDE himself speaks in English all the time (he won't speak that much anyway).

On the large screen a documentary kind of movie will be shown. The movie shows a lot of 'making of' material.

At the end of the documentary the narrator says (still in the chosen language): "When you've finished your diner, please take a look in the kitchen of Walt Disney Imagineering and see the many wonders Imagineering has cooked up!" At this moment the huge screen moves up a bit to reveal a large door. Part of the wall next to the door is made of glass, so you can already take a sneek peek inside. Narrator: "Step inside our great showcase of magic! Thanks you for joining us!" Inside the showcase are many attributes like scale models, concept art, pieces of technical devices and more items.

This restaurant could be a nice addition for WDS. It's not really about movies, but the whole backstage feeling will match the themed in my opinion.


OOOH! Sounds nice! I want to go there now!