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Well Mary Poppins what a show, i want to see it again, the music was fantastic, the cast fit all their roles, Mary Poppins flying up and down and out towards the crowd, I have to say fantastic, as well as the set which really was nice set of a house that was moved so easily between scenes.  Well that night over it was onto Eurostar, of course typically Eurostar mixed up our seats and made us sit at 2 different tables on the train, so not the best idea of theirs, but we and the other family sitting on them swapped so we all were able to sit as a family on one table. After a looooooooooooooooooooongggggg journey, about 3 hours we finally arrived at Marne La Vallee Chessy train station, walked up to the top of the station and handed our luggage over to the Disney Express, so nice and easy and there it was off to the hotel, and we were after a ring around the station since my sister wanted the toilet walking down stairs of course lead by me to the exit and now we ended up coming out at the part between Disney Village and the parks, and I was here. Now entering Disneyland Park i rushed my family along fantasia gardens and got them to the entrance nice and quickly, now of course someone needed the toilet again, god it was like a petting zoo, everyone wanting to make sure i did not get to do what i wanted, well then we were on our way down main street and then got about 20 seconds down and i heard a song i believed i recognised, but thought no way that would never be played, but it was, All Around the World was being played and wow it was fantastic just going down main street and that song on made me nearly cry with joy. Of course my family were not so happy with it and thought oh god no not this again so rushed off to central plaza, where we then took a entrance to frontierland. Here we would go eating yes food now we had not eaten since 8am, so this was very nice to eat food at 2pm, Cowboy Cookout we went to and enjoyed a nice burger and frietes, sadly here i did find out that my camcorder had broken, the family next to me saw me going mad with it and were sitting there in amazement at how odd i was acting think i should have said yes i only come once a year and wanted to film lol. So after my small fall of bad luck we walked over to the BEST haunted house in the world, Phantom Manor, and wow i forgot how fantastic this is, even the cast member in the mansion entrance way was especially creepy today trying to scare everyone who entered of course i never get scared by such small things. So nice also to see Phantom manor all working, only thing was we had 3 stops of the doombuggies due to cheerful spooks. With that it was still great, and wow i am annoyed i never rode it again in the week apart from then.
The next part of the afternoon, i went my own seperate way since lilo & stitch is too childish according to my mother and sisters, so here i was nice leisurely stroll out of the Disneyland Park, yes it was that, one thing that was bad was i walked over to the studios and what did i see the whole chicken little logo thing, i stood still and wanted to die when i saw it. It was not too bad but it struck me hard since i love the studios and they had to cover over part with that thing so irritating, oh well that was that, but now i walked into about another 4 kids on my way to the studios i mean are they everywhere or what. In studio1 i really grasp the magic of the smaller park, and come out the other side, now literally running to catch lilo & stitch, i make it and love it so much, i mean how wonderful it is to see all those cool characters in one show, and even to see some characters being fun like Pluto sitting down with all the kids, and the music is so fantastic like Falling in love with you, I still can't get the song out my head, wow I want to see it again.  Finishing watching Lilo & stitch I walked over to animation courtyard and decided to watch the Cinema Parade, got a nice spot at the end of the route, plus I just figured my camcorder was working again I mean how fantastic that was that it started and watched it, even filmed it of course certain characters like Captain Hook refused to be filmed much, every other character did not mind.  Wow boring day really and about to get more boring, walk back to Disneyland Park and I had arranged to meet my family at 5:45pm, of course my family were in the New York City bar at the hotel, and did not make it till 6:15pm.  I talked to them for about 5 minutes then went walking and searched for Raptor1982 and Flor for 10 minutes so I could watch the wonderful world of Disney parade, and of course I gave Raptor1982 the DVD's I bought for him and Flor, then I started watching the parade, oh wow I love that parade so much, even sung along to Dancin.  One of the things that annoyed me was that only 3 characters came out pre parade wise, and how much I so wish they would bring back Steamboat Willie's dancers.  We then walked around, did a bit of window shopping down Main Street, which I have to say is always a highlight on a trip.  Now a really nice thing happened, Raptor, Flor and Raptor's sister remembered their fastpasses for Mission2 were just about to be valid, and invited me to join, however I did not have a fastpass, so Flor gave me his fastpass, I have to say I am so thankful to Flor for giving me his fastpass, after all this was my first time on Mission2 and going on it with Raptor wow fun, all I can say about the ride is oh my it's fantastic, countdown, blast off, Vekoma coaster, Incredibles type soundtrack, oh I adore it and no headache just a headrush of absolute greatness it was.  I said goodbye to Raptor and Flor for the evening, walked around by myself for a while, got a hotdog at Casey's Corner, and then went and sat on the curbside at Central Plaza ready for Fantillusion.  Of course no day would be complete without another set of moaning at family, I rang my mother, and ended up having a go at my mum since she wanted me to go back to the hotel though I refused so I got my mum and sisters to walk back to the park, so they did and watched fantillusion which again they liked and also my mother loved wishes as well as me of course, it is a really nice show and love how cleverly it has been created, after wishes we walked back to the hotel in the crowds of people leaving the park, got back to the Hotel New York and went to sleep.  Well theres my first day, gonna get on with the other days now.


Cooooool  8)
Tnx again for getting me those dvd's.


So on to Day 2, woke up LATE, since I said that i would get up at 7am so i could go eat breakfast, and meet Raptor and Flor for 9:45am, maybe i just spend too much time getting ready lol. However i woke up at 8:45am and had to quickly get washed, and of course took about 5 minutes putting gel on my hair haha, and then walked to breakfast, of course had to go to breakfast fast, and then run straight through Disney Village and hit the studios fast, so i just got to the studios and at the lilo and stitch stage just in time and saw that Raptor, Flor and Raptor's sister and her boyfriend were sitting on a bench there so went and joined them.

We then talked for a little bit, of course me not fully understanding due to the language barrier between english and flemish, thankfully Raptor made it a little easier speaking to me in english.  We watched Goodmorning Walt Disney Studios, i even got Miss Pinky and some other cinefolias guys autograph just cant make his out easily. We then walked over to the fast food place in Studio1 called Restaurant en Coulisse, here i had a drink of spirte which Raptor said he would buy me since i sent him a WDW planning DVD a couple of months back, and the rest of them had their breakfast there. After we walked over to one of my favourite VEKOMA coasters Rock N Rollercoaster, and wow what an experience, i can't believe that it had been so long since i had been on it and it was just a 5 minute wait if that, and the smoke so much adds effect to it, which seemed to be some in there for once as compared to last october.

We noticed that after rock n rollercoaster that Lilo and Stitch was about to start, so we walked over and sat on the ground with the kids, and watched this fabulous show, even got a video of this when the cm performing the female actress called the name Goofy when it was Pluto she was talking to, now that was an interesting mistake when a cm calls a character thats very well known the wrong name. At the same time as me filming and laughing thanks to that little mishap kids kept on coming and sitting behind me and Raptor, we even offered them to sit in front so we did not block their view but they did not come forward strangely, maybe we just creeped them out too much. Or could have been us knowing what would happen next and sometimes narrate what was coming from the speakers. I still love Can't stop falling in love with you song from this show, to me one of the best choices of songs to be used in such a nice show ever. I mean it's so good i am listening to that song all the time at home too, reminding me of it. The show this time had every part performed including the limbo scene, and my camcorder caught many little bratty children at the stage thinking they would be fantastic and stay there even after they were told to sit down. Then the show was coming to a complete finale and we decided that we would have to jump up and run to Cinemagique just behind just before the cars started leaving so we could catch the next showing, so we jumped across the ropes to Cinemagique, and wow this brought me back to the world of cinema, i mean i had seen it before many a time, but this seemed so fantastic and i actually got tears in my eyes in some parts for some reason, the audience also seemed pretty good at clapping at parts, unlike the next day when i saw it. I am still as always amazed with how they achieve the sections when the sword comes through the screen and when he goes through the door, but i just found so hilarious was i remembered that at the end the magician guy says look it's a door, turn the knob, i just really felt dead happy by this point. Coming out of this, i noticed the wonderful studio1 shops, went window shopping again, god i love doing that, i also noticed the CD's were missing from studio1 too, but i believe the CD won't come for a while yet anyway so lol. Venturing out of Studio1 we hit yet another shop, god what a surprise that was, of course more window shoping, well apart from buying some more cool pins, Pirates of the Caribbean and a Hotel New York pin, as you can tell i like pin trading.

Then left the studios, had a nice walk as usual talking amazingly, and went to Fantasyland to see what the queues were like for Casey Junior and Le pays des contes de Fées, sadly these were too long, so a nice walk was done instead, including feeding of birds opposite the Mad hatters tea Cups, after this we walked around to Discoveryland, and decided to go to Adventureland and get a fastpass for Indy, some were still available for about 3pm, so we got them, of course me, Raptor and Flor were so much wanting to walk we lost Raptors sister and her boyfriend since we walked away and for about 10 minutes we were completely puzzled where they were, and then i realised they may still be at the fastpass entrance, i mean how obvious that was. Walking again we lost them again since they thought we were going to see characters when we walked past Colonal hatheys or however its spelt but we were not and were venturing on to Frontierland, so Raptor had to go and get them and i had to go and make sure Flor did not walk too far away since he was walking away not realising noone was following him. On the way before that I had my first ever experience of the moving rock in Adventureland, of course we got there and a little girl had to sit on it so Raptor was trying to take photos of it both sides down, but the girl kept on moving it every time he tried to take the picture lol. Of course no visit to Disneyland would be done well without getting a fastpass for Big Thunder Mountain, of course a fastpass for 8pm and when i got it at 1pm a bit pointless, suppose i did not need the normal fastpasses anyway since i had hotel fastpasses since i got to go on fastpass rides when i wanted to with that type of fastpass.

After this good olde fastpass, went for lunch in Au Chalet de la Marionnette, which for me was something new, i was amazed by the detail and so nice to see the story of pinocchio on the walls. Plus the burger was not bad there either, and with Raptor's annual pass discount i got on my food it was even better. We sat and talked here for a while after eating, more window shopping was done in Fantasyland, but i traded a woody pin with a cast member for a year 2000 WDW pin he had on his laynard, so that was quite cool now i have a celebrate the future hand in hand pin, i mean kinda corny but nice slogan.  Right now here's where my memory goes useless, I think we went to Indy next since it was time to use the fastpass I believe, of course Indy was fantastic in it's forward motion, and I love this coaster a load more this way apart from an annoying cast member splitting us up, so I ended up on one train with Raptor; and Flor and Raptor's sister ended up on the train in front which was really irritating, even after a lot of moaning from us 3 at the cast member he still refused to let us all sit together, the stupid idiot he was lol.  Really the fastpass on Indy is really quite uncivilized in many areas, such as when we joined the normal queue line to go up the temple steps.  The only other thing was that I got a little headache from it, but still a fantastic ride.  It was now time to go back to Main Street, walking there was amazing we even found the Main Street Band playing on the band stand at caseys Corner which was so fantastic to see, never seen them before so really cool to see.  Went into Casey's Corner and I took some photos inside.  Again we went window shopping, thought it was odd to find the marriage minnie and mickey plushes, since when did DLRP care about marriage?  DLRP can make things so funny sometimes, also we saw someone having a shave in Dapper Dans, which also I had never seen before, so also quite nice.  Of course not too many days would be complete without at least seeing one parade, so off to the Studios we went and got the spot right at the end of the parade route, ending up so we could get loads of characters having fun at the end after they have got off their floats, was really cool how Rafiki, Pluto, Goofy, Minnie who I got to kiss the hand of and Mary and Bert came over to see us, no doubt all thanks to Raptor and Flor being around.

After the parade, walked out the Studios, and walked back over to the Disneyland Park, of course taking a stop outside the Disneyland Hotel for some people to get a photo spot lol, then inside the park ended up again walking around a bit more, seeing some cool new things I had never seen before on Main Street such as the casting window on one of the doors, then walked to Frontierland and did yet again window shopping, I think I am seeing a pattern here lol, walked to Pocahontas Village, I was amazed to find the Molly Brown sitting there with the white tarps over the top, shame she was not in service it always used to make Frontierland feel so much more alive with them running.  Then walked back through Frontierland and I said goodbye to the 4 of them, and called my sister who was not too happy to hear me since she had called me 2 times already 3 hours before oops, and also sent me a text message and I still had not answered that, so I ended up being summond back to the hotel New York, where I found them sipping cocktails, of course no one decided to buy me one (evil people) lol.  Yes well suppose they had a right to be angry since they wanted to go for a meal at Annettes for the past 2 hours, so thankfully we ended up going about 6:15pm, the dinner was very nice and have to say not too badly priced either, not like I was paying, although sadly no grease lightning was performed, suppose this is either on later or just in low season.

My family had just eaten so their way of doing something great is not like normal families and go to the parks, but instead go to the pool in the hotel lol, so they just made me go swimming, which obviously I did not mind too much, and what a pool, even the outside pool area was open, so amazed I was I even stayed in for a whole 30 minutes, well could not stay in any longer had too much to see and do lol.  Nearly lost my glasses here too, since I had not placed them in the locker, thankfully some nice person had left them at the reception area for the pool, and I got them back easily with of course french cast member not understanding glasses so had to say spectacles a few times, in the end she figured out what I was saying.  Finally by this point with enough moaning at my mother and sisters we were going back to the park, but again since I love being alone and as far away from my family as possible I walked to the Village by myself and did window shopping, of course did spot Raptor, Flor and Raptor's sister and her boyfriend on the way, though they walked past me like I was a stranger, suppose could have been because of my wonderful flat hair I had just aquired with going in the pool so my gel came off my hair lol.  Now when my family finally arrived which was now about 9:15pm, ended up going and walking to the Disneyland Park, and what better time of night than my sister starting to moan she wants to ride Pirates of the caribbean, and having my other sister moaning about wanting to go to the Sweet Shop on Main Street, so me being very clever in certain things, decided well lets not do Pirates of the caribbean, of course did not tell my sister this, so went to the sweet shop and then had a nice walk through Discovery Arcade, we then came out at Central Plaza, well I could have easily lead them across the Adventureland, but no it would never do to miss Fantillusion or Wishes, so I lead them to a I know closed fantasyland, but they don't know till we get there, so we end up there and standing there to watch Fantillusion, which of course the music messed up a little with mickeys wonderful garden strangely playing during villains for a little time and villains playing during the royal cavalacade for a little time too lol.  We then got ushered to go out via the big gate next to it's a Small World and go to Discoveryland, so we obviously did and walked round Videopolis, watched Wishes that night from around Constellations, not a bad view either, wishes as usual was fantastic, I loved it and really think Disneyland Resort Paris were right to adapt it how they did.  Of course then we walked down Discovery Arcade back to the hotel, and that was the end of day 2.


Cool tnx!!!  8)  8)  :D  :D

*kough* pictures *kough*  :P


Well since someone above :P  asks, here are pictures from the first day, sorry for so many, I just get carried away with taking pictures :D/

Mary Poppins: The Musical, (Prince Edward Theatre London)

Phantom Manor

Lilo and Stitch Catch the Wave Party


Partners Statue

Animation Courtyard

Flying Carpets Over Agrabah

Main Street USA

Space Mountain


Of Course Le Chateau De la Belle Au Bois Dormont


Great reports, very thorough!

Sounds like you had an excellent time so far, can't wait to read the rest.  :D

Just noticed you've posted pictures since I opened the topic as well, I'll look at them now...

...they're very cool! Looks like amazing weather as well, though I don't like the look of the crowds on Main Street.  :?

More! More!  :P


You can never have enough photos :P , so heres photos I took on my second day on Wednesday :wink:

So well first photo inside Restaurant en Coulisse since I became fasinated by the Flying Carpet lol

Adventureland, but really do balloons have to be all over the place, it's like someone wanted to make sure my photos ended up getting ruined :lol: .

Indy looking very nice in the very quite bright kinda tropical looking sky, now if only the clouds were not there :lol:

Main Street band, do they look drunk to anyone, or was it just me and Raptor who seemed to think so :P

Casey's Corner, I had never ventured this far in before wow I was intrieged, (I need a life :lol: )

Casey's Corner

Main Street, with nice Main Street Bus

Le Chateau De La Belle Au Bois Dormont, nice picture in the daylight :D

Dapper Dan's barbers, but who's that outside :P

Liberty Arcade

Art of Disney Animation, I love this building, the sourcerors hat makes it look magical in my view, but probably noone elses lol.

Cinema Parade, Mrs Incredible / Elastergirl

Cinema Parade, Tinkerbell

Cinema Parade, Captain Hook

Cinema Parade, Minnie (Thanks Raptor and Flor for standing next to me :wink: )

Cinema Parade, Lion King Float

Cinema Parade, Goofy

Cinema Parade, Mary Poppins Float, Bert on back waving, I wonder who at :lol:

Cinema Parade, Rafiki

Cinema Parade, Woody on Toy Story Float

Cinema Parade, Mary Poppins and Bert (Again thanks photosagiques :P )

Cinema Parade, That's a wrap!


Town Square / Main Street


Molly Brown, looks so irritating with the white tarps on


Me and annoying bratty sister at Annettes

City Hall, oh I love it at night :D

Parade Route at Fantasyland waiting for Fantillusion

Hotel New York Lobby

That's day 2's photos, trip report for day 3 coming soon :P .


Very nice pictures Patmagic, oh and sorry i forgot to tell you, but i really enjoyed reading the second part of your tripreport too!  :wink:


Great pictures!  Here's the challenge for the other members: find the hidden Flor's and Raptor's  :lol:  :lol:  :lol:


On to day 3 shall we, well this is the first day I spend the whole boring thing with my family so expect to be bored silly lol.  Again woke up at 8:45am, however I had just got a wash, turned on my camcorder to watch what I had recorded the night before, however my older sister was not amused since she was asleep in bed and the light from the LCD screen and the sound made her wake up, I mean what a shame lol.  So since as I could not stand sitting in the dark for another minute (the curtains were closed), I got up, walked out and went to the Walt Disney Studios, by now it was 9:30am.

Got to the Walt Disney Studios just in time to catch GoodMorning Walt Disney Studios, so got some photos taken of the characters and Cinefolias characters passing in the cars, which I have to say is still very nice even if they do use too much of Motor Cars and Stars parade music from Disney MGM if you ask me, but still nice to again sing along to, of course getting odd looks as usual from anyone around.  After I went over to Rock N Roller Coaster, which apparently had a 5 minute wait, well I know never to believe the nice little boards before the attraction again since it was more like a 15 minute wait, by this time I had still had no breakfast, and my mouth was quenshing thirst, so went to Restaurant en Coulisse for a drink of Sprite, then walked back to the Hotel New York, of course by this point my family had gone for breakfast, however I got to the hotel and someone had changed the sign for breakfast around so I ended up not making it, I think next time I shall make a map hahahaha.  So went back to the room and waited for my family to reappear, as usual I got the why were you not at breakfast and why did you go out and what were you doinjg, you know the usual family boredom argument.
After this argument it was about 11:15am, so we walk over to the Disneyland Park where we go and see Tarzan Encounter at 12pm, very very nice show, which always amazes me how nice they can make it.  Maybe it's cos of the guy playing Tarzan lol, or probably cos of also all the gymnastics happening on stage, so much happening it's just fantastic to watch.  After we ventured over to Big Thunder Mountain, used a hotel fastpass and took only about 5 minutes to get on, of course my older sister would only go on this roller coaster since all the rest are too intense for her little annoying head lol.  Big Thunder Mountain as usual was incredible, everytime I get astounded by the detail and shame I only went on once last trip.  We then walked a whole 300 yards or so so for the next 30 minutes my younger sister could pick out a bracelet to buy her friends, (nice to see she's so nice to friends lol), of course me not have had any breakfast was by now getting hungry so time for lunch at Victorias on Main Street, had a baguette, of course I never stay anywhere long, I don't do well in 4 walls haha.  Well more like don't do well in them when I see a pin trading cart outside, and off to the cart I went leaving the rest of my family inside, I bought a Rock N Rollercoaster pin, and a pack of pin back replacements since some of the backs had fallen off and had up till now getting replaced by my rubbish backs off none Disney pins I have on my bag.  However I bought them just about to go back inside I heard that song again "All Around the World, 2 days ago on the tuesday it was playing for what seemed like no reason since I saw no characters or Main Street Vehicles around, though today a wholoe host of characters came up Main Street in the Main Street vehicles, which of course included my favourite vehicle "The Paddy Wagon" :wink:.
We had decided to go to the walt Disney Studios now since a show I have wanted to see in a long time was about to begin in 10 minutes "Animagique", I found this show really fantastic, have to say how it is done is great, the music also wonderful to sit and listen to, of course my family were not as impressed as me with this, maybe since all holiday they have been trying to avoid such childish things, well could not let them miss out on that now could I lol.  Typically after we came out that magique attraction into another magique attraction we went, this time Cinemagique, which as usual was great and also a guest flow cast member pulled me over when I was walking in to trade pins, so traded my Minnie Mouse pin I had got off a little boy 2 nights before with the cast member for a Cinderella pin, then went to watch the show, and how great still it is and this was probably my 5th viewing of this attraction since I first visited the Studios in 2003, the attraction still never gets old, of course today the crowd were much less lively and awake as the day before, No applause really anyway through the show till right at the end, still I have to give Disney credit for such a great attraction for the smaller, yet still not much less fun and magical as the original Disneyland Park next door.  The Studios when we came out were as usual packed for the summer and so we ventured over to the Rock N Rollercoaster, on the way saw Cinefolias performing, shame my family did not stay long after they heard about the Guest participation part, I tried to make them stay, but no got forced over to the Rock N rollcercoaster where the queue was strangely 5 minutes, again only got half the preshow and then got straight on the ride, still an amazing attraction, on a par with Space Mountain although Space Mountain will always win over it.  After this fantastic journey into the world of rock, it was decided back to the Hotel New York where we would go to the pool. of course my family again changed their mind so I ended up swimming alone and my family went to the New york City Bar for yet again a cocktail, I then got out the pool this time with all my belongings intact and went and dropped the things back off at the room, then went to Buffallo Bills since we had booked for the 6:30pm showing, quite a nice show, we were on the Gold Star team, the show was OK, not the easiest show to make sense of, the games were quite nice though, the clowns also during the show were well interesting, one came over to me and started to stare at my laynard and my Maleficent pin at the same time as picking at it on my laynard and pointing lol.  The food was OK, but not really to my taste, though the Apple Cobbler was very nice, have to say I would advise anyone who likes the west to see this show, since it is a lot of fun.
Later the show ended, ventured back over to the Disneyland Park to do some nice evening riding, we rode Pirates of the Caribbean, which is really fun at the front and was great when there was only a 5 minute waiting time, all those people waiting for Fantillusion has an advantage on ride queues.  Then we went and rode Le pays des contes de Fées, also with a wonderful 0 minute queue, so wonderful and my french pronunciation had picked up a little by then too lol.  A whole 10 minute queue for Casey Jr. - Le Petit Train du Cirque, also went on this, which was really fun and so nice for such a small little roller coaster, the surroundings I have to say are great that it goes around Le pays des contres de Fées, after this we ran to It's a Small World since it was nearing 10pm when Fantasyland would close, so got to It's a Small World by 9:50pm, and had to queue for about 5 minutes, and wow I had forgotten how annoying, but great this was since it had not been since 2003 that I had rode the happiest boat ride on earth.  When we got off this I made sure we would see fantillusion for the last time this visit, so off to the Royal Castle Stage, where I stood up on the platform above the seating area, where I got to see Jafar and Ursulla's transformations, which are still very much astounding and people have complained lately about the change in some of Fantillusions floats and dancers etc, but I have to say it was as magical as ever when I was there last week and noticed very little difference, but probably since I am not a regular to the resort, still fantastic.  We then got ushered out of the area, and wow don't guest flow do a great job around the Royal castle stage, everyone is off their seats and gone to the Plaza soon enough.  I then got to watch Wishes for my final time this visit, and watched it without any camcorder or camera in my hand, and actually found it more magical than ever, have to say if wishes does not come back next year I think DLRP will have made quite a mistake, but again thats just my opinion.  The park was closing, so for the last time walked down Main Street at night with Wishes being played on the speakers and have to say it was quite emotional knowing that by that time the next evening I would be back in England on my way home :(.


Cool trip report!! :d


Cool!!! Tnx paddy!


Well again here's more pictures, maybe your sick of them by now :lol:

Goodmorning Walt Disney Studios, Walt Disney Studios Van

Goodmorning Walt Disney Studios, Cinefolias

Goodmorning Walt Disney Studios, Minnie

Goodmorning Walt Disney Studios, Dracula

Goodmorning Walt Disney Studios, Cruella

Goodmorning Walt Disney Studios, Chip N Dale

Goodmorning Walt Disney Studios, Cinefolias :wink:

Phantom Manor

Main Street Vehicles, Gepetto

Main Street Vehicles, Characters

Backlot, Props

Rock N RollerCoaster

Production Courtyard

Studio 1

Chicken UGLY :lol:

Sourcerors Apprentice Fountain

Walt Disney Studios Exit, THAT'S A WRAP!

Walt Disney Studios

Disney Village

Buffalo Bill's Wild West Show Theatre

The Disney Store

It's A Small World (Sorry for the bad photo, I still can't use my camera well  :lol: )

Le Chateau De La Belle Au Bois Dormont as seen from the Royal castle Stage standing area

Well theres my day 3 trip photos, wow how did I take so many :P


Thanks again!  Your pictures and trip report is great!

Sweet Laker

wow, you have made a lot of pictures, i like that!! And there were a lot of beautifull pictures too! Just keep on practicing, next time you will shoot your IASW picture just as you want it. :)

I was wondering, what does the text: Thats a Wrap, at the Studios's exit mean anyway? Is it some sort of movie quote when they stopped shooting a movie and is it usefull for an exit of a themeparc too, or what??