Fillmore's Organic Fuels

Started by Anthony, July 11, 2008, 08:55:47 PM

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So apparently DCA's Carsland will have a small drinks and smoothies stand themed to Fillmore, the dazed 60s VW campervan who constantly talks about his organic fuels.

Now I'm thinking, can't we have that too? There's a bloody boring Wall's ice cream van at the back of Toon Studio that seems to be about as devoid of theme and style as possible. It doesn't look bad, it just looks boring.

The idea: Fillmore's Organic Fuels (or just Fillmore's Fuels, if they don't want trade descriptions on their case). Replace that van with a real-life, full-size Fillmore camper van, with a CM serving drinks, slushies, fruit smoothies from a colourful tent-like shack next to him.

Have him facing at an angle toward Tow Mater's workshop and people will be able to have photos with him too. Decorate the area around him with colourful lights on strings like his tent in the film.

You'd also be able to see it from inside the attraction queue:

This way the Cars theme also wouldn't be so restricted to that one side of the street.


Yes I totally agree Baloo....Very boring, they need to set the scene as you say..Put some continuity into it... :wink:  :D

Bring on the Fillmore Camper Van   :D/  :D/


In my opinion its an excellent idea. It seems to fit perfectly, even from the queue area like you discribed. However, the current ice cream stand at Toon Studio may be boring, I think it isn't half as bad as the Kool Zone stand. Both the look of the stand and its name are horrible in my opinion. Got any idea's for that one too? Or maybe put Fillmore's Fuels in Toon Studio and bring the current Toon Studio ice cream stand to Hollywood Boulevard so it can replace Kool Zone?  :wink:

The Butlin Boy

Great idea Baloo, I think it would really work amazingly well in the Toon Studio, opposite Cars, it spreads out the theme a bit more and makes something very ordinary different, interesting and creative. Awesome idea :mrgreen:

Captain Pan

Very good idea Baloo... it would work so well and add something to the area!

Propose the idea to Imagineers (r become one yourself Baloo so we can get it done!


Quote from: "Captain Pan"Propose the idea to Imagineers (r become one yourself Baloo so we can get it done!
One day, one day... :P

Seeing the van again this week, it just strikes me how bad it is to have something like that in a land aimed at children. The giant magnum ice cream on top, the menu... I know kids and parents can eat what they want, but just having it there, selling such unhealthy stuff in that area, doesn't give a good impression at all.

It's embarrassing that's one of only two places to buy something to eat in the park's most popular land.